Managing-Ethically-Inefficient-Group-PeopleA successful life:

The world we live in is no desirable place to dwell, all things considered. There are so many problems and diseases that we’d be better suited to the climate of Mars than we are on Earth. In order to be successful, you need to go to different lengths and overcome all sorts of hurdles. It takes courage, dedication, resilience, humility and most importantly, integrity to be able to lead your way out of trouble. It’s a well-known fact that we can’t end up anywhere in this world on our own; if we want to feel submissive and just get the easy money, then we can just get the first job in the newspaper by applying for it; but if it’s something bigger that we have in mind, then we need to overcome a lot more bigger hurdles and climb a lot steeper mountains. To build something out of scratch requires a lot of self-motivation, confidence and of-course devoted team members who are willing to do whatever it takes to make both ends meet.

Managing people:

It’s not the sort of world where we can just go out and hire the best people there are at the start of things. Maybe if you are a multi-million dollar businessman and things are looking very bright for your company, then the best people will come you to get hired. You will then not have the most difficult job as a leader; but often it doesn’t happen that way. We have to make do with whatever comes our way and often it’s a lot less than the best. Managing, ethically and capability-wise deficient people, takes a lot of doing. Let’s today, then discuss how to do it.


No two persons are the same and when it comes to a whole workforce you know you are going to be dealing with people from all ethnic backgrounds. The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is to treat everybody equally. Equality goes a long way and people then start to believe in themselves and your judgment more importantly as a manager. IF you don’t treat everybody in the same way or do some racial discrimination, then you are not setting the right examples.

Encouragements and motivation:

Another thing to keep in mind and always do is to motivate people to give input. If a person feels valued, then they are more expected to give the best inputs and produce the best outputs as well. A person who thinks that they are left out of the loop will most definitely just resort to keeping their mouth shut most of the times and as a manager of a group, you will not want that. Also, encouraging people by giving them incentives whenever a job is done valiantly is something very good too. IF you don’t give people what they deserve, you are not going to get what you deserve either.

To conclude, if all these things are kept in mind, then it’s highly likely that people are going to perform their best.

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