Central-Vacuum-SystemsThere are many useful ways of cleaning your home, although they are not really seen around most households. Some of us like working with a cleaning company, letting them take over the cleaning of our homes, others prefer the hands-on approach instead. Central vacuum cleaning systems are one of these that happen to be an interesting take on vacuum cleaning. Although this system is rarely seen as it happens to be a 19th century invention that still holds their own on a market of continuously improving electronics and appliances. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages that we will point out up next:


  • They happen to be more powerful than the usual portable and common use vacuum cleaner. The unit doesn’t really have any size constraints, which means one can have a really powerful machine sitting in your basement, making its suction power something really useful. Difficult materials can be easily sucked such as printer toner, plaster and flour among other things. This makes carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning a far easier solution.
  • Great at removing allergens – they don’t really circulate the air in the same room like the more commonly sold vacuum cleaners.  This allows them to be much more efficient at keeping said allergens away from your lungs and out of your house, easily getting them out of the way.
  • They happen to be far easier to clean and maintain, as well as being much quieter than the usual loud and cat-scaring vacuum cleaner we use nowadays. They have an amazing capacity for dust and dirt, up to 10 kg worth of it in one bag you can simply throw away, collecting it for a long time if you really need to. They also happen to be very durable and the costs of consumables will be lower since you won’t be going through as many of them as you otherwise may.
  • There are many accessories available for these vacuum cleaners, which range from electric heads to regular ones, as well as turbo heads that take advantage of a beater bar and air currents to deal with carpet cleaning with improved efficiency. Other accessories are also available so you can clean mold, retractable hoses as well and heads and covers for hardwood floor safety.


  • Higher base costs will be one of the major factors that put people off of using this type of vacuum cleaning solution. Their initial costs may start from somewhere around about $1000 and going up from there. Compared to the usual vacuum cleaners however, these tend to be far more efficient due to their consumables and efficiency.
  • They happen to be a permanent addition to a home, which means their installation will take a good bit of effort and planning to pull off, which means the best time to deal with them is to do so when you need to start construction of a new home or during a major renovation.