Technology-Shows-Watch-TV-OnlineToday, the technological marvels of the world are becoming more amazing all of the time and the boundaries are being pushed to new frontiers just as much. Innovative entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to make your life easier and more fun. However, sometimes keeping up to date with the latest creations popping up around the world can be tough if you don't feel like browsing through the Internet for hours on end.

So, where can you turn for information and entertainment at the same time? Of course, it's your television set. The following are some of the top tech shows that you can find on cable programming, Netflix, and more.

The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show is an amazing British television series that centers completely on the wide world of technology. Each episode is around sixty minutes long, and usually airs on channel five on Monday nights. The show itself is filmed in and around Birmingham in the UK and features presenters such as Ortis Deley, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry, and Jason Bradbury.

People who don't live in the United Kingdom can usually find this show on the Discovery Travel and Living channels. Generally, each week focuses on bringing the latest news about the newest technology from around the world to viewers. When you tune in, you'll get to watch a weekly challenge in which the presenters will battle against each other to accomplish tasks using different gadgets. There's also a "Top Five" segment to list the best products in a certain area of the market.

American Inventor

Sometimes, finding the best shows in your chosen genre can be a difficult task, which is why so many people decide to access services such as, which makes tracking down the channels and shows you want easier.

One of the options you might look for with your television service is American Inventor, a series about the biggest search in America for the latest and greatest invention. The aim of the show is to find the best new product on a season-based basis, and help to make a struggling inventors dreams of stardom come true. The winner of the show receives a million dollars, making this show a perfect celebration of American ingenuity.


Click is a BBC technology series dedicated to introducing the best and brightest technological news stories from throughout the week. It airs on BBC World News, BBC News Channel, and BBC One. Originally, the show started off life as "Click online" and was hosted by Stephen Cole, now there is a much narrower focus, with technology and consumer issues taking the forefront.

Discover the latest in consumer technology and learn about the breakthroughs in the world of broadband, Internet, and more. The show also includes tips on how to protect yourself from crimes like identity theft, hacking and more, while giving you the latest updates on products by Sony, Apple, and other top brands.

Explore Your Options

One thing to remember is that if you're interested in something, the chances are that there's a television show out there that will help you to explore and celebrate your passion. Search online or browse through your television guide for a better idea of what there is to watch.