Benefits-Email-ArchivingYour organisation is incrementally building up email from present and past employees, customers, authorities, partners and suppliers. Email archiving is something many SME organisations don’t consider until the size of their unstructured email data makes archiving more of a reactive tactic than a considered strategy.

There are many benefits to the idea of a planned, strategic email archiving strategy. We list the 5 key benefits below.

1. Compliance

Organisations are increasingly being asked to be compliant about the storage of their data and its ease of access for regulatory or forensic purposes. This may be complicated by multi-country regulations regarding data. Specialist email archiving applications will have a large measure of compliance regulation pre-built into their operation. This relieves customers of the headache of needing specialist compliance knowledge or having to design a compliant storage system themselves.

2.  eDiscovery

Email should be stored in a way that makes searches relatively easy – whether searching for a specific document or searching for information without knowing what the end result looks like. Compliance requires not only the storage of emails but a ‘Best Practice’ method of filing, indexing, storing and retrieving data. The benefit of an email archiving system with a built in set of rules based on compliant standards is that it already conforms to e-discovery requirements.

3.  Storage Space

The majority of communication searches tend to be for ‘recent’ data, including emails, generally within the most recent 3 month period. Storing emails offline but in a way that makes searches still accessible may save storage space and promote efficiency in computing. Storage can be automated so that data is first moved to a ‘nearline’ storage facility (e.g. in the cloud) and eventually, an offline space.

4.  Better Management of Email

Having a pre-determined structured method of storing email which complies with Best Practice and current legislation relieves, for the most part, manual email management. It also removes the burden of creating a storage management plan from scratch.

5. Disaster Recovery

Given the importance of current and historical email – not only for operational reasons but legal compliance – a Disaster Recovery facility is an essential benefit of email archiving.

Conclusion: Email archiving is an obvious, essential and increasingly mandatory solution for companies of all sizes. It can be used as a strategic tool to cut costs and enhance your organisation’s performance.

Getting started

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