Tips-Quality-Checking-AutoCADConstant software up gradations racing with changing technologies and other change in standards adds up new challenges in sustaining quality of projects. Without compromising quality, providing quick turnaround time is a necessary in today's world. The constant changes and up gradations have given rise to new strategies and techniques as well as technologies to perform quality checks. AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer aided designing and drafting which is available from 1982 as a desktop application and from 2010 as a mobile app. In AutoCAD, one of the biggest challenges is to provide a quick turn round time with high quality services.

Checking quality is very important irrespective of the fact that it is a small project or a big project because an effectively done Quality Checks can eliminate lot of errors and can also provide highly precise Drawings or Models or Algorithms in AutoCAD. Quality and quick turn time are two of the main reasons for clients to outsource their services offshore in the field of AutoCAD Service and taking AutoCAD training from reputed institute is advantage.

It is inevitable to pay complete attention to the Quality assurance processes associated with drafting and designing and modeling stages in any project. All projects must ensure and maintain design and drafting standard according to the industry specific standards and individual client requirements. The Quality checking process must be a stage wise process which has to be done at every stage of project execution from the start to the end.

The following stages makes the Quality check

Stage 1: The Modeler or Draftsman of the project converts and checks the AutoCAD file to ensure that all standards were followed according to the industry specific standard and client requirement. If the modeler is confident that the file is totally complete with all requirements then it is forward to the next step.

Stage 2: Each and every plot is converted to a file and is compared with original documents for drafting omissions and errors. The file is also reviewed for compliance with all special layering schemes, instructions and standards. Omissions and errors are noted and the Quality Checker works with the Draftsman to assure that they are rectified. When the AutoCAD file is found to be 100% accurate then the file is forwarded to the next stage.

Stage 3: All aspects and CAD standards are checked again. Now, the Quality Checker checks the scrutinized document file for 100% accuracy and passes to the next phase.

Stage 4: The electronic file is visually compared with the original document so that they match. Thus, in the final phase file matching is approved by the Quality Checker.

Ten AutoCAD tricky steps for fast Quality Checking:

  • All drawing units must be cross checked.
  • Check the whole application for layer standards according to the individual client requirement or project requirement.
  • Check Line Style of the project.
  • Scrutinize the Line Weights according to the needs
  • Use Spell checker to check the Text Style.
  • Check the Dimension Style as required by the project.
  • Check the colors of the application.
  • Check the project from Architectural or Structural point of views.
  • Optimize after checking the File Size.

For hard copy, check out Sheet Size Composition for printer and for soft copy; check out the same for the pdf file.