The United Kingdom is, historically and culturally, a rich country that accords several benefits to those who live here. People, who move to the UK for study or work, or simply to settle in the country, find that the lifestyle here is conducive to personal and professional growth. The country’s rich heritage, its adherence to rules and its sense of fair play make it a dream destination for immigrants. Broadly, the UK lifestyle is best known for:

10 Reasons the UK Lifestyle Is Considered the Best 1. Diversity in culture.

The UK comprises four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All four have their distinct past and a vibrant culture that varies from the others. Today, it is easy for an immigrant to the UK to assimilate with the local culture because of its use of English in official transactions, the country’s emphasis on orderliness and discipline, and its overall assimilative ethos. 

2. Inclusive society.

The UK is home to several nationalities – thousands of Asians, Americans, Chinese, African and Australians have settled here. Every immigrant to the UK has a fair chance of finding a job and buying a home regardless of his or her social status or background. Living in the UK is an exercise in inclusivity.

3. Vibrant arts

The UK is home to some of the finest authors, musicians, actors, painters and fashion designers (past and present) in the world. This has led to the UK acquiring the best cultural base for some of the finest work in the visual and performing arts. The biggest advantage of living in the UK is that there is always some form of refined entertainment to look forward to.

4. Encourages the reading habit

The most influential men and women in English literature were and are from the UK. Since the country has inherited such a rich literary past, the UK strives to encourage the reading habit in its people by way of setting up scores of public libraries, innovative reading campaigns, incentivizing the study of literature in colleges and universities, and hosting frequent literary festivals for people to meet new authors and discuss current works.

5. Vibrant media scene

The UK is home to some of the finest studios, media houses and publishing houses in the world. This has led to the country shaping thought within the UK and outside it via its newspaper editorials, TV shows and films and its magazines and periodicals. It gives several work opportunities in the media, primarily in the digital, radio and TV space.

6. Museums and historical sites

The UK is blessed to have a very rich history. This can be seen in its wonderful museums and historical sites, which house some of the world’s most treasured artefacts, paintings and sculptures. There are a range of research and work opportunities attached to these places.

7. Encourages sports

The UK has two big passions – football and cricket. Several outdoor sports are also played here with fervour. The UK encourages participation in sports – both formally, as a career, and informally, for recreation – and is driving sports education to make society fitter and healthier.

8. Healthy eating habits

British cuisine is characterized by minimalism and an emphasis on taste. Food is prepared in simple ways and is healthy and suitable for the climate.

9. Several options for education

The country attracts thousands of students every year. There are several opportunities for research, product development, on-field training and post-graduate education in the UK.

10. Safe for single people.

The UK is home to several single parents, students and immigrants. The Government is attuned to the needs of these people, and provides a safe environment for them to live and work in.