Ways-Remain-Anonymous-OnlineExperienced users have increasingly high demands for the Internet services, which allow staying anonymous in the Internet. Let’s see the most interesting and safe variants to be safe and protected.

Search engines

When the main details of the secret program called PRISM were revealed and users knew that the state collects data from Google and Yahoo!, the number of requests of the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo sharply increased (from 1,7 million to 3 million). The search engine doesn't find out the IP address, doesn't keep cookies and the user’s history, so it can't build answers by relevance, thus allowing to see objective output info. Some other search engines follow the same strategy, however they didn't gain popularity.


Various systems allow getting temporary mail address or send messages anonymously. The "10 Minute Mail" service offers to create a mail only for ten minutes. It may help to register at a new website and avoid further spam. If you need another ten minutes of access, it is possible to request an extension. "10 Minute Mail" works only for incoming messages.

Hushmail offers a bit more difficult system. It is necessary to pass registration. After you’ll receive 25 megabytes of free web space and 10 gigabytes for $84,97 per year. It is impossible to restore the password and the server doesn’t save the e-mails.


The most known browser, which provides access to the "safe Internet" is Tor Browser Bundle. It is considered that it is used by people who want to get access to forbidden websites. However, the idea of this service is to protect users from spying and data transmission to advertisers. In traditional browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox) it is possible to achieve anonymity having switched the "Incognito" mode on.

Cloud storages

The SpiderOak project positions itself as the safest cloud storage. All information on the server is encrypted by zero-knowledge technology (zero information). Thus, all information can be available only to the owner of this info. The service uses a freemium model: 2 gigabytes is given free of charge, but it is necessary to pay $10 per month for more gigabytes.


One of the safest and less complicated variant to remain anonymous online is using VPN. VPN is a virtual private network, which encrypts all data. MyVPN.com offers reliable VPNs, which protect personal information and Internet connection anytime anywhere. Using VPN, an Internet user will be able to connect to any public Wi-Fi and be sure that nobody defines his real IP address. Also, he can get access to any website and see the Netflix content without any restrictions.