Preparing Your CV For A Compliance JobThe CV or resume is the ultimate tool for job hunting professionals, but more often than not, professionals fail to make full use of their CVs. Most job hunters prepare one CV and use it for all the companies they apply to. However, by tailoring your CV to the job you’re applying to, you can actually access several additional benefits, such as increasing your chances of getting an interview.

If you are applying for compliance audit jobs, it helps if your CV is tailored for that position. Before you can tailor your CV, however, you have to know exactly what the position you’re applying for means.

Requirements to Meet When Applying for Compliance Jobs

A compliance specialist is a mid-level analyst whose duties include ensuring that the business complies with complex regulatory and legal procedures. For you to fulfill your duties as a compliance specialist, he will need to have financial experience and regulatory expertise. He should also have technical knowledge regarding insurance and financial services. And since a compliance specialist is also responsible for ensuring that all marketing collaterals the company uses comply with industry standards, you should also have marketing knowledge.

If you are applying for a compliance audit job, such as a position as senior compliance officer or a compliance manager, then you should have all these but also have managerial experience.

Tips on Tailoring Your CV for Compliance Jobs

Here are some tips on how to improve your chances of getting an interview and landing a job in compliance using your CV as your main tool.

  1. Note down all the factors in your background that are most relevant to a job in compliance. These should include experience in financial industries, analytical competencies, and a wide variety of skills. This will give you a main outline as to what your Compliance CV should be focused on.
  2. Research the job requirements so you can match your credentials to them.
  3. Spend time on the section outlining your work experience. Keep sentences short yet precise and to the point, so you can add all the important information without ending up with overly long sentences. Make sure to include numbers and timeframes, as these are paid more attention to in compliance jobs. 
  4. Include any knowledge you have regarding various financial products as well as technical knowledge on marketing and IT.  
  5. If you are applying for a leadership position, mention leadership responsibilities you’ve had in the past as well as the number of people who reported to you. 
  6. Mention your career objectives and how compliance audit job fits in with them. 
  7. Emphasize your analytical skills and your ability to pay attention to details. Compliance regulatory teams do a lot of reporting, so any additional skills you may have that will ensure proper control and accuracy in reporting will certainly help.

 According to recruitment consultants, many highly qualified professionals applying for compliance jobs get rejected mainly because the managers who are in-charge of analysing CVs are so busy to peruse thoroughly through their CVs. As busy as managers are, if they don’t see what they’re looking for during the first few minutes of checking your CV, chances are that they will move on to the next CV on the pile. 

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