Web-Application-DevelopmentWeb application development is a challenging job that one needs to be super conscious with each and every phase to follow correct rules, language, coding and framework. With development of millions of applications for web, mobile or desktop, web developers have come across so many challenges that they keep resolving to bring an ultimate flawless product.

 While working on responsive web design and different applications such as CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, PHP, .NET or others, web developers face some of the following mentioned challenges and get them resolved with these wonder solutions.

Mobile Application Development Challenges

  1. Static Design Phase

Making a responsive design takes a web developer to make changes in old design. Therefore, designers work on sketches, wire framing, HTML and CSS prototypes instead of creating static screenshots. Now they design in the browser than working on Fireworks/Photoshop.

  1. Navigation

Navigation on a website is designed horizontal along the top of the page, or down the left of a page. But navigation reflects a websites layout therefore it should be based on a website’s information architecture to let readers easily understand how it works.

  1. Images

Use and design of images for a responsive website is a careful consideration therefore, without challenging web designers, it must offer high density and should be flexible as code and icons. Images should not be blurry and for that designer may apply codes to make them high resolution defined images.

  1. Tables

Data tables are problematic to manage complex information and a large number of rows and columns. So the challenge for web developers is to squeeze this information in a small screen.

  1. Users of old IE

The other challenge for responsive design is to work with old version of Internet Explorer that includes lack of support for CSS media queries that disables a layout to display properly. Therefore, web developers need to consider older versions of Internet Explorer 8 to plan a website for mobile.

  1. Time and Cost Testing

For testing a responsive website, the issue is how to test it on different types of devices to know issues. The other challenge is testing time that is managed by better prototyping, and designing a responsive website in browser.

Web and Desktop Application Development Challenges

  1. Usability

Developers are so overloaded with designing a website that they usually ignore usability. Therefore, during designing or developing phase users must test a website in real world and let developers inform for any changes.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is important to make website usable for a larger audience therefore, people must be allowed to set font or color scheme as they like and adding navigation for their easy understanding.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

A website is developed to work on all browsers as well as versions. Therefore, all transitions are produced in HTML5 and then tested to be usable in all browsers.

  1. Site Speed

A website should load in 2 seconds and if takes longer than 3 seconds, users tend to leave the site. So external style sheets and JavaScript files should be used and images should be optimized for website.

Software development for both mobile and desktop requires to fulfill these challenges faced by web developers. Also the companies like eTek Studio, providing software development Services Dubai consider many of such challenges to come up with a final but usable product.