Apps-Students-Study-Stock-ExchangeInvesting in the stock market is always something that people aspire to do. It is the one investment that most people consider as viable and lucrative at the same time. Students have a perfect opportunity to learn about all the intricacies related to the stock market so that make viable investment decisions. In addition to the knowledge and skills, there are also a number of applications which can help students monitor the stock movements in the exchange market so that they can remain vigilant of the impending trading opportunities.

1. Wall Street Survivor

At Wall Street Survivor students get an opportunity to make virtual investments on stocks and monitor how they progress. Before making your final investment decision, a cartoon friendly version of Mark Brookshire (a stock guru) appears on your  interface and provides you with some rating numbers. The ratings include: Survivor Sentiment, Motley Fool Rating, and both fundamentals and technical ratings.

2. HowTheMarketWorks

HowTheMarketWorks is yet another app for studying stock exchange that is owned by same company that runs Wall Street Survivor. Are you looking to gain experience with a new type of portfolio? If so, then this is the app that you need to get. Besides just the stock market, students can also explore the Forex market, mutual funds, penny stocks and short selling. Using the ''fun mode'' beginners can easily execute market order based trades without having to worry about set hours, order expiration and maximum number of trades per stock or per day.


A professional online homework help service that will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the accounting basics and help you with your accounting homework. Accounting as a subject is very important in as far as stock exchange is concerned because one needs to be aware about the accounting books of any given company before investing in one.

4. MarketWatch Fantasy Earnings Trader Game

What MarketWatch Fantasy Earnings Trader Game does is that it organizes for mock stock market contest that run for around four weeks and awards the winner with iPads during each week of  their participation.

5. UpDown

UpDown also comes with very helpful icons that are designed to offer assistance when it comes to explaining some of the key terms that may sound technical to beginners. The best part about this is that, for students, it takes care of even the most basic concepts about investment. In addition to this, the app also comes with community features that include opportunities to collaborate with a group so as to get a glimpse of some of the most sold or bought stocks.

6. TradeHero

What TradeHero will do for you is that it will provide you with a platform where you can meet up with thousands of users and share investment insights and other stock tips with them. The app will provide you channels where you can learn from successful heroes some of their winning strategies and keep track of both their investments and trading insights.

7. Stock Market Simulator

With the Stock Market Simulator app, android users can also learn how to trade in the stock market. What the app will do for you is that it will provide you graphs that show the history of the  stock trades from one day up to a year and allow you to monitor the trades. The most disappointing aspect about this app is that it does not allow the student to buy penny stocks.

8. Young Money Stock Market Game

This game is quite easy to learn and fairly realistic. The Young Money Stock Market Game has realistic aspects including a virtual commission which is normally taken from each trade. What differentiates this app from the rest is its ability to make trades at real time prices. The game comes with convenient help icons that will make your learning process both interesting and easy at the same time.

9. StockTwits

Once StockTwits is downloaded and successfully installed, it gives the user total access to information related to what real investors and other traders and saying about the stock market. Rated as the number one social network for traders and investors, you can rely on StockTwits to provide you with much needed knowledge to succeed in the stock market.

10. iTrade

Specifically developed for iOS users, iTrade provides the users with an avenue where they can make stock market simulations. The app comes with a slick design and gives you access to up­to-date information on the stock market. With the different forums, you can discuss the market trends with other users throughout the world.

11. Stock Wars ­ Virtual Investing

Stock War is yet another app from the iOS platform that is designed to put you in a fast paced world where you'll meet traders. You can use the app to set up your portfolio and watch how your stock will perform in the real trading world. The app also allows you to analyse companies which will then allow you to place your orders accordingly.

12. We Seed

WeSeed is a dedicated app that seeks to educate the students about the stock market as opposed to providing them with entertainment. The ''Learn'' tab on their home page is filled with useful learning sessions about the stock market. At the end of the lessons, your fears about investing will have been dealt with successfully.

13. Market Watch

Market Watch is a dedicated website the seeks to provide readers with amazing opportunities where they get to receive latest stock and business news and even some of the interesting stock market quotes. You can also access a number of trading games to help you craft your stock exchange skills.

14. Fantasy Stock

With Fantasy Stock, students can learn about the ins and the outs of the market before they can actually decide to invest with real money. The application works for people of all ages.

15. Insider Trading

Insider Trading has been rated as the number one stock game on the iOS platform that provides both entertainment and learning opportunities for students to want to learn one or two things about the stock market.