App-Lock-Your-Android-MobileEverybody wish to have their android mobiles handy because it enables the end user to get the complete world at  their finger tips. It is a mobile computer. The apps that can be downloaded on the smart phone will keep your world connected with you. These android phones can be used to perform many functions and allow the users to store a wide range of data. Of course, you would not like others to view this data when it is confidential and personal. Some people would want to lock it for the fear of getting deleted accidentally. Irrespective of your reasons to protect the data on the mobile, you just need something that can lock your apps from being accessed by others and the answer for the same is app lock for android mobile.

With is app protector on android mobile, you can lock all your apps that you want to secure with the help of the password. Though these app icons are visible on your smart phones after locking them, one cannot accesses the data in these apps without unlocking it with the help of the password. This way, you can keep your apps and data in it very secure.

What does app protector do ?

This is a utility app available on the Google play store free for all android users. These tools help you to prevent accesses data by third party. You can choose to lock the app each time you done with its usage. If you think, you will be using the app number of times in a day; you can lock the app by setting a time lock where app gets locked only when it is not used for specific period time. Pro version of the app protector permits you to have different locks for different apps. It will very beneficial when you have to disclose password of particular app. You can just disclose the password the app which has to be opened and rest of them are still secured.

Installing app protector

Installing this app protector is as easy as child’s play. You have to just download into you mobile and install it on your smartphone. The process of installation on the smartphone will ask you to configure a password to lock/unlock the app. You may ask to some security questions to retrieve the password in case you forget them. If you want to enjoy some customized setting like time lock, Wi-Fi lock and location lock, the options are always open.

How to lock app with app protector

Android mobile is a home for number of applications. You might want to secure few applications on the phone set few of them free. The app protector gives you the same feasibility . When you reopen the app protector after installing, you will find list of apps on your mobile, and you can just unlock them by tapping the lock icon on the right side of that particular app.