Project management is the combination of skills, knowledge and techniques and their implementation in order to run the projects in an effective manner. To manage a project is a challenging task and in order to succeed one needs to employ certain management techniques. There are different types of projects which may include developing a website, building a great restaurant or planning a wedding to name a few. There are some of the best practices for project management which can be discussed as follows:

Defining the scopes and objectives effectively

Defining the objectives plays a major role as this would help you to plan the project in the right direction. The objective tells you “what are you looking in the project”. Suppose you are looking to organise a blood donation camp, you prime objective is most probably to get as much blood donated as possible. This would help you to plan the project in the best possible manner.

On the other hand the scope would let you know your limitations or boundary. This practice is also effective in magento development. In the above project you have to see if you are providing some other facility which is within your budget or not. It could be providing the transport for people to reach the blood donation camp. You have to ensure that it could be managed and if not the people would take care of themselves by coming on their own

Defining the deliverables

You should let the people know about the delivery of the project or what would the project deliver. The consumer or the people always think “what’s in for me”?If your project is about the advertisement of a biscuit then one important deliverable could be the art work for the advertisement.

Planning the project

This is one of the important tools which tell the project manager about the right resources, people and budget which are required to complete the project. You must decide what activities are required and beneficial to get the desired deliverables with the help of techniques like work breakdown structures. In addition you should have proper estimate about the time and effort for each activity.

As a project manager you should motivate the team besides involving them to get the right estimate of the activities.


Communication plays a very important role in the management of the project. The project plans are effective only when they have been communicated in a right manner. There should not be any sort of communication gap as this would hamper the execution and eventually the growth of the project in a big way. The communication is an effective tool for magento development as well.

In addition all the team members should be aware of their individual responsibilities.

Tracking the progress report


Once your project has started working you should compare the current progress with the planned progress. This would give you a fair idea where you stand .This would even include the submission of the project report by your team members.

You should track the difference between the actual and planned cost along with the scope and schedule.

Managing the changes in Management

It is a common scenario that the stakeholders of the project change their mind in between the execution of the project. As a result the ideas and assumptions which were made in the initial phase would longer be valid.

If you can manage these changes as a project manager you can take decisions regarding the implementation or incorporation of these changes immediately or in future. You know it very well whether to exercise this changes or not.

This increases the chances of the progress of the project because you know how to implement these changes. Eventually you can allocate and find resources according to the changes made. If one is not able to manage the changes it could lead to the failure of the project.

Risk management or managing the risk

The events which can affect the project in an adverse manner are risks. These risks could be many which may include staff lacking the desired skills, delivery of the hardware not in time and the control room not in the condition to operate. Risk management plays an important role in the execution of the magento development as well.

A risk varies from project to project but the main risk hampering the project should be identified with losing any time.

Plan should be made to avoid the risk. If you cannot avoid the risk you can plan to minimise the effect of the risk in order to lessen its impact on others. This is known as risk management.

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