Google-ScholarThe university and college students try to get knowledge through every possible source. They get the help of books, reading material and now website to check and download data or information, which they required for their education. Now Google scholar is the big source to get complete and accurate knowledge on different topics as there are different scholarly articles available on Google Scholar. They can get detailed information on different topics and also try to remove the errors in the index of the websites. The students should need to check that their articles are according to the demands oif the Google Scholar research services.

Individual Author

When you work as individual author, then you should upload the paper on the website and the students can add link on their publication page. They can get the full text of the paper or article in the PDF file format. The title of the paper is given in large font on top of first page, then the name of the author is shown in the small font below the name of the book.

Guidelines of the Contents

The students can find variety of Google Scholar articles, which are taken from different sources in research field, in different languages, different countries and for different time periods. The students can check the index of the websites or books. They can also check the collection of research papers and these articles on the website are provided with some requirements.

Scholarly Articles

When the students research for the scholarly articles, they should check that their websites are provided with the scholarly articles, conference papers, journal papers, technical reports and drafts, pre-print or post-print dissertation and abstract. The students will not find material like news or magazines, book reviews, and editorial, as these are not considered appropriate for the Google Scholar. There are some other books, which are uploaded on the Google Scholar and Google Book search.

Showing Abstract

The users visit the site so that he can read the articles. They can search their material, which they feel necessary in completion of their study and research papers. They find the complete content list of the books and website on different topics with full text of the articles or they can get the complete abstracts written by the author. You should note its URL in Google search results and visit the website with this web address. They can install special software, accept the disclaimers and dismiss the interstitial or popup advertisement, then click on the given URL or links and scroll the page down to get the desired reading material from that concerned website.  

Guidelines for Using Google Scholar

There are different guidelines, which are mentioned here to give help to the Google Scholar. These guidelines are provided to the new comers, as to how they can work and find their specific book or reading literature. The students should follow all these guidelines to search their particular books or material, which can help them in their study. The indexing guidelines are provided with the information to troubleshoot their problems and get them solved and advance in their studies.

Journal Publishers

If you want to get publish the small number of journals then you should think over the hosting service of the publishers, which are included with MetaPress, Atypon and Highwire Press. The students should read the latest version of the university repositories and check that your desired website meets all necessary technical guidelines and can help you in understanding, what you want to search through it.

To get the latest search result, you should try some search tips, which can help you with the email alerts, citation export and many more, so that you can get the best search result from the books or from the websites. There are different options, which are provided to the students to try them and these options are given by relevance but not by the date. The students can check the names of the libraries by clicking them on the right side of bar or make a link with the label on the right side of the search result. There are different versions of the search results are also given and these can be checked through the alternative sources. You can also have the affiliation with any university, then see different links of the local or any leading library of any university or of your city. Then you can go through these links to the relevant library and check the names of the books & get the desired material, which you are looking for many days. If you are new with the subject, then you should check the terminology from any secondary source and try on the scholar search. They can also check the reference numbers, which is excellent for your requirements.

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