Omni-Channel-RetailingCustomers are now approaching retailers from many different fronts; buying from high street stores as well as shopping online and on the move. This changing behaviour is leading to retailers to develop new strategies to satisfy customer demands like ‘Omni Channel Retailing’. According to The Guardian, by 2019, shoppers will pick up £6.5bn of goods from lockers, drive thru and store pickup points, an increase of 82%.

Omni-Channel Retailing is the evolution of multi-channel retailing, but is concentrated more on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all channels, i.e. mobile devices, PC, brick-and-mortar, direct mail etc. The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is equipped with powerful features that support retailers. Here are its top 5 retail empowering features.

Internal Process Automation

Buyers and purchasers plan and purchase products so that a retailer can resell them across various channels. This feature can help the buying and purchasing groups to work and collaborate together. Internal Process Automation ensure the team is aligned and on target to meet deadlines for timely delivery.


Product Families Management

Product Families can increase selling effectiveness with its ability to bundle products and recommended related products. From senior management to sales assistants, everyone can benefit from this feature which can be configured to give desired results. Offers can also be bundled together with related products to offer tailored selling pricelists.  


Sales Hierarchies

Everyone is interested in sales figures. Hierarchical Views provide a bird’s eye view of the required data in blocks which can be further expanded. Sales Managers can see how information is grouped together by viewing accounts, products or hierarchical charts, whilst team members can view how an account is performing in revenue and drill into the details. Similarly, Section Managers can see who is working on the account and share this information with other teams as well as view supplier account details like credit limit.


Seamless Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is now the expected norm in retailing which depends on repeated business from customers. Microsoft Social Listening can be used by the Marketing team to track products, brands, competitors and campaigns globally and in real-time to gain a true understanding of customers across the social web. Location filters in Dynamics CRM can further narrow the data set to see posts from specific countries or regions. Customer Service can easily manage and update real-time information to provide swift response to customer requests. 

Guided Sales Processes

Guided Sales Processes give retailers a holistic view of their customers. Dynamics CRM’s enhanced branching logic and automation of business processes across all devices, makes handling manageable for both the Sales and Customer Service teams. Retailers can now configure a single business process flow to sell products or services which after a common qualification stage splits into two branches, one specific to products and the other for services. 


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About the Author - Syed Raja

Syed is a CRM and BI Business Solutions Consultant at Advantage. He has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration. Prior to joining Advantage he had been working with retail, information services and IT companies in developing and supporting their CRM systems.