FlipBook Maker (http://www.kvisoft.com/flipbook-maker/) is a digital publishing program designed to enhance the presentation of ecatalogs, online brochures, ebooks and other digital publications with lifelike and stunning 3D page flipping animation. The easy and intuitive software interface can enable users even beginners to make page flippable publications easily in just a few minutes.

How to Create 3D Page Flippable Publications with Kvisoft FlipBook Maker?

If you have already designed a document such as PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint that you want to convert to realistic flipbook, then you can easily create a new project by importing your document. Before importing document, Kvisoft FlipBook Maker makes it easy for users to customize page quality, rasterize, book cover and page size.

In addition to this, FlipBook Maker offers an intuitive design interface so that you can custom the appearance and style of the publication you have made. You can customize the background color, theme, reflection fade, transparency, book page properties, zoom factor and other customizable settings, thus allowing you to make the digital publication in line with your company culture and branding requirements.

If you have digital photos, SWF files or flash videos, you can also present them on a 3D page flipping publication using FlipBook Maker.


If you would like to share your document online, you can easily publish it as HTML format(please tick also create mobile version flipbook) so that both mobile and PC visitors can read your document online. If you need to share your document offline via CD or flash media, you can publish your book in EXE format. Learn details about how to make interactive business presentation (http://www.kvisoft.com/tutorials/interactive-business-presentation-software.html) with the program.

Create Interactive Digital Catalogs with Kvisoft FlipBook Maker

This is perhaps one the biggest uses that Kvisoft FlipBook Maker can do for business clients. On the basis of page editor features of FlipBook Maker Professional version, you can integrate your buy now page, online video guide and etc directly into the catalogue.

It means that your readers can easily click to watch your online video tutorial, direct to buy now webpage to purchase the item or etc. Readers who find your catalogue will no longer need to search specific tutorial in order to make clear how to use your product, no longer need to search product in your website to purchase it. This will effectively minimize the loss of traffic and orders when your potential clients are still hesitating.


Other Particular Features of FlipBook Maker

Besides catalogues, FlipBook Maker can help you to enrich digital brochures, elearning book, digital booklet, promotional flyers and etc with virtual page flipping effect. The digital editions created by the program are accessible and looking perfect in web browsers on any device including iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC etc.

Creating multilingual digital publication is another important feature that Kvisoft FlipBook Maker stand out itself from other similar programs. If your document has been translated into different language versions, you can import them all into FlipBook Maker to create a multilingual flipbook. When people who have different mother tongue reading your document, they can easily click Flag icon to switch document language and reader interface language.

Needlessly to say, the captivating page-flip publication created by Kvisoft FlipBook Maker provides an innovative and unique way for publishers, teachers, marketers, web-designers and photographers to present their documents and digital contents.

Main Features of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker

1. Realistic 3D Page Flipping Animation that makes you document impressive

2. Easy interface for anyone to use

3. Document content are searchable and zoomable for readers

4. Real-time preview within software

5. Powerful page editor that allows you to insert local video, YouTube video, audio, music, links, photo gallery...

6. Output flipbook to multiple formats

7. Integrate publication with social networks

8. SEO friendly flipbook

9. Google Analytics support to track popularity

10. Add tablet of contents and bookmarks for easy navigation

11. Protect content from unauthorized reading, printing, downloading

12. Easy distribution via website, WordPress blogs, email, CD delivery

13. Built-in 5 different languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Arabic.

14. Support adding more languages by yourself

15. Support left to right and right to left mode

Please view flipbook examples now (http://www.kvisoft.com/flipbook-maker/demos/) to check its great features.