IT-challenges-SMEs-face-2015Here is a snapshot of the IT challenges SMEs face in 2015.

1. Evaluating efficiency against 2015 standards

Older IT models may not cause you problems but may be inefficient by 2015 standards. Compared to modern cloud models, your 2010 IT may drag business efficiency. The test for many SMEs is measuring their IT model realistically.

An audit of your system and procedures will rate the effectiveness of your system. A simple server inspection may find issues on your ‘trouble-free’ system which can be easily resolved.

2. Outsourcing vs internal IT

Companies with up to 50 staff may benefit from IT outsourcing over internal IT teams. Outsourcing for 24 users cost around £9,000 a year with immediate access to Helpdesk engineers, remote fixes, monitoring, on-site support and advice on technology subjects. The challenge for many organisations is the concept change in support models.

Compare outsourcing capabilities and costs against internal IT. Outsourcing is typically 50% lower than internal IT and often provides a more comprehensive service.

3. Change

Some SMEs experience rapid change in growth and structure. IT should support the business by being flexible in structure and cost. The challenge of deploying quickly and efficiently is usually the result of a well thought out IT model.

Don’t wait until the last moment to design a modular IT road map which incorporates contingency planning. This is a relatively easy exercise for a consultative Managed Services team.

4. Being Decisive

Most ‘errors’ occur due to poor requirements definition. Resolving these issues is typically ten times more expensive than getting the requirements right first time out. The challenge for SMEs is adopting a structured approach to defining requirements and solutions rather than drifting through a half-hearted process of reviewing IT needs.

Be decisive. Get a proper review of needs and a flexible plan for your current and future actions.

For advice on any of the above, contact the Managed Services team at Advantage.