There are many differences between old style RPGs and modern RPGs, not just MMORPGs. Many of these differences are dictated by changes in computer technology, but that is not the only factor which changed these games. The reason we are writing about MMORPGs is that they are dominant internet games in this moment on PC. Even though there are plenty of games which are played over internet, there is no doubt that MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft are still in group of games with largest gaming population in the world. Real time strategies like Starcraft, together with MOBA games like League of Legends, are still underplayed when we count all MMORPGS which are played all over the world. MMORGPS are also very interesting because they need unique hacks which are used for the first time in this genre of video games.

Of course, we are talking about free to play MMOs which use premium currency mechanics which is used in these games for the first time. From there, this premium currency model spread to the Facebook video games and all video games for mobile gaming devices. As you probably know, we are making most of our hack tools and cheats to cope with premium model of payment used in games, because this is clearly the most expensive model ever used in video games. What happened to the old RPGs, video games which were played only by specific group of people, so that those same games became most popular games in the world, but also most expensive games?

Differences in graphics

Clearly some changes had to be made because of the changes in computer technology, mostly in computer power and graphic abilities. Some of these changes were simply esthetic changes. Old RPGs were mostly in 2d view, with little or no graphics at all. With advancement in the field of video graphics, these games became probably one of the first games to be made in first person view. Even on old Amiga 500, most people will remember fantastic Wizardry serial, which managed to have 7 installments released for this machine, with two more installments for PC. Eye of the beholder (ADnD based RPG) was excellent game with new, revolutionary graphics for that time. With Baldur’s gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape torment came new age for RPGs. Isometric view with plenty of details and flashy effects was now possible to afford and these games were remembered not only for their fantastic story but also for their excellent graphics. Even with the advancement in gaming technology there were some game enthusiasts who were programmers professionally, have developed game cheat codes for their favorite games to accomplish the levels easily.

Differences in game mechanics

Old RPGs were mostly strategy based games where player controlled a group of characters, each with his own abilities and special skills. Neverwinter Nights was the first DnD game which introduces campaign for single player who controlled only his own character. However, even there it was possible to gather party of characters who would help him through the game. But soon new group of RPGs appeared where player controlled only one character. The most famous game from this group is definitely Diablo made by Blizzard. This game had so much success that it inspired a whole new genre of games called action RPGs. Over the years action RPGs became more and more simplified, compared to the original RPGs. But that simplicity, fast action and real time combat seemed to be better suited for larger audience and today action RPGs are far more famous than so called group RPGs, especially those who still use turned based combat. Even the most popular saga games like Farm Heroes which is famous among masses these days. And now, there are some Farm Heroes cheats tools are also available online which you can use to win it easily.

Modern MMORPGs are based on action RPGs but because of their multiplayer content, they also needed to have mechanics similar to original RPGs made for groups of characters. The most obvious example is so called holy trinity of RPGS – healer, tank and damage dealer, which is always present in classic RPG and in 95% of modern MMORPGs. Unlike that, classic Action RPGs use no such things as each character must have basic healing capabilities. There are, of course, more differences, but these are most obvious. In reality, RPG genre has several sub genres, but some of them, like MMORPG for example, grew up to be more popular than its original predecessor.