Inspiring-Responsive-Web-DesignsIn the realm of web design and development, responsive design has come a long way from being just a design to a fully embraced trend. It has become a requirement for almost every online business , who have come to the point where they can't just struck to the fixed widths and resolutions of a desktop, but they are striving to reach endless resolutions and mobile devices that responds to the user's preferences and runs based on their screens and mobile devices.

A great responsive design uses flexible images, grids and layouts, and a logical use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from desktop to mobile, it automatically gets adjust to the resolution, screen size, and scripting abilities of the device. Responsive web design is far more different from the traditional forms of designs in terms of both technical and creative abilities, which designers can put together to do wonders.

So, here are some top-of-the-line responsive design examples that lets you go beyond the extent of possibilities in your designing skills.

1. Simon Collison

The official website of Simon Collison looks clean and minimalist, accompanied by a rich user experience. The designer has cleverly made use of a responsive behavior that's simply eye-catching and graceful. 

2. Starbucks

As soon as the marketers of Starbucks realized that most of their visitors are using their website through tablets and Smartphone devices, they took no time in developing a fully-responsive website. Now, the website has easy navigation features and has a design that compliments the signature style of Starbucks coffee.

3. Disney

Kids have always been a great fan of Disney, and in its website too Disney has adopted a design that makes entertainment easy for kids and their parents via Smartphones and tablet devices.  The site looks great because the quality of pictures and videos aren't compromised when it is accessed through hand held devices.

4. Harvard University

It's great to see that a traditional university like Harvard is adopting modern techniques to make its website universally accessible. The design of the website is distinct, clean, easy to navigate and compliments the aesthetic appeal of the university.

5. Skinny Ties

Skinny Ties spotted the season's trendiest range of skinny ties and tie bars. The design of the website looks elegant on multiple devices. Its easy navigation properties let visitors to switch between multiple options, while its intelligent use of white space makes differenciation between multiple range of products clear, thus allowing visitors to get the product of their choice.

6. Andersson-Wise Architects

Being dedicated to the beautiful world of architecture and interior decoration, it's hardly surprising that the website focuses on its clean representation of photos and rich experiences of its clients.

The home page consists of 3 main sections with a image background, which are flexible enough to effectively gets accustomed to the multiple screens and resolutions. The website is designed in such a way that visitors don't lose their interest while navigating throughout its design and content.

7. Stephen Caver

Stephen Caver's official website is a great inspiration for web designers for its amazing responsive properties and designing patterns. The landing page has a huge welcoming message adorned with rough typography, a set of huge blocks that looks like menus on the top, and a blogging section, giving this website a dynamic appeal. The designers have utilized all these aspects together to show how all these features can be put together to work with multiple device dimensions.

8. Sasquatch! Music Festival

Being dedicated to lots of multimedia content accompanied by rich, dynamic effects, the Sasquatch! Music Festival is spruced up with artistic details and stunning graphics. Due to this, it was quite challenging for the team to display the website correctly as per the specifications of multiple devices. Although, the team succeeded to achieve a well responsive behavior. The website has a very pleasing appearance  that retains its charm while working on a range of devices.

9. Staffanstorp

Staffanstorp is an exceptional website that showcases how beautifully a website can adapt the behavior of a wide range of devices. Equipped with unique features such as perfect readability, well-structured content, conveying messages that displays clearly over tablets and Smartphones, the website is sure to take your online experience to a whole new level.

10. Dadaab Stories

The website of Dadaab Stories is awesome that's sure to make you feel 'wow'. Its innovative responsive design takes you to the Dadaab African Village with the help of its movie-like headers and seamlessly transforms you to a variety of  mediums. Users just need to scroll throughout its interactive screen to see impressive details and patterns.

To Sum Up

We are not off the mark in believing that responsive designs are here  to rock. Those who are wanting to take the plunge into the website designing profession can take inspiration  from these exceptional examples.

Author Bio - Sarah Parker is an experienced PSD to WordPress service provider, and a web designer. She loves to share her thoughts on web design and web development trends.