How-Prepare-Exam-MonthThe biggest problem or difficulty of a student life is final exams. Students who give time to their each and every subject at school and home have highest percentage to get good marks in their final exams. But those who don’t find any time to study at home are the one who just come in the list of struggling students. As they can’t get good marks to pass the exams in flying colour. Now-a-days the problems of students are so much behind studying at home. After school is off they move towards their offices for part time jobs. They don’t pay that much time and attention to their studies as they should provide and this thing come up with their failure. It is an old saying that who do not prepare for success are actually preparing for failure. Getting high marks in your exam is not a difficult work as you need to plan for your exams long before the actual date.

There are so many student who start preparing for exams before 2 month or 1 month and some think them self most intelligent thus start preparing before 2 weeks or 1 week. The amount of time you have to study will solve your problem on how to handle your exams. If you already have a good knowledge about the topic even at that position you can pass the exam easily and the other thing that can help is to know about the difficulty of exam or you can say that to have knowledge of your exam paper by viewing your sample paper or past paper. For getting good marks you need to first calm down yourself because situation will become the worst if you start panicking with this all your focus will divert on the fear of completing your syllabus before exam instead of on the upcoming exam. First of all open up all of your books or notes and from the index mark the chapters you have good knowledge about or you can also mark those in which you are weak so choice is yours after marking your chapters you need to make a study plan on which you have to work for almost 1 month to pass your exams and don’t forget to add breaks of 5 to 10 minutes as they are necessary to fresh your mind.

For keeping the things in your mind you can use different methods of study like some people need outlines or mind maps to understand and most like to learn from their lectures or handouts provided by teachers. And then from those materials find the hardest one which you feel is difficult to understand by yourself mark it or write it down separately and ask your teacher to help you in that. Get help from your classmates and start memorizing things as much as possible as the key to get good marks it to memorize the study material. Don’t burden yourself by studying for long periods give breaks where possible.

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