Samsung-Note-4Samsung had introduced Galaxy Note range way back in 2011 when it decided to hit the market with big screen phones. Since it was the first phone with a large 5.3 inch screen, it became a big talking point in the market. Many considered it too big for a phone while the others thought it was small if compared with a tablet. But today after three years, when there are many phones in the market with similar screen sizes, the new Samsung Note 4 with a 5.7 inch screen has been readily accepted in the market because of the great features it offers.

1.     Optimum viewing in all situations

The Galaxy Note 4 boasts of the Super AMOLED technology which makes the viewing on the screen a pleasure in all positions. This so called adaptive technology adjusts itself according to the light in the place where the user is viewing the screen. It ensures that the usage of the phone is quite comfortable in all situations and locations. The high resolution of 500 pixels per inch makes the viewing of photosor videos a stunning experience. The colors are vivid and zooms are without any jagged edges.

2.     Samsung Note 4 is a nicely finished product

Unlike the note 3 which had a plastic feeling on seeing or when held in the hand, Note 4 comes with a metal rim which surrounds the handset and offers a premium finish. It gives a good feeling when being carried in hand. The silver rim gives it a premium look and the buttons look sharp on white as well as black versions of the phone giving it further brownie points.

3.     Stylus is the icing on the cake

The S-pen in Galaxy Note 4 is handily tucked in the giant screen of 5.7 inches. This feature makes it stand out in the crowd of many similar handsets available in the market today because no other comparable & popular phone offers this facility. The S-pen is quite handy and easy to use for compulsive scribblers.

4.     Improved battery makes it even better

Battery is an important part of any mobile set. Samsung Note 4 has the same battery as Note 3 but the company has improved its charging time. Now it takes only 30 minutes to charge 50% of the phone battery. Also the ultra-power saver technology of Samsung S5 has been incorporated in Samsung Note 4.

When you have the new Samsung Note 4, there must be a lot that you need to save in your phone, whether it is your personal stuff or your official stuff. Personal photos, official files, different apps etc. all can be saved in the new app lock. Many happy and satisfied customers have also praised about the application on Google play and other app stores. If you are confused whether or not to use this application, just simply read the customer reviews and you will come to know all. Protect everything in your latest Samsung Note 4.