Repair-JPEG-Photos-MacPhotos are the best way to remember the past moments and also a creative way to capture and store an event according to your choice. In this digital world, images are stored in many digital formats and JPG is one of the most popular formats, which is also called a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). This format is very compatible, but it may also lead to corruptions because of many reasons. An image is called corrupt when some of its bits, which include in the image, are incorrect or missing. A corrupt or damaged image does not open or you may not be able to see it completely. However, it is very easy to repair corrupt and damaged images with different JPG recovery tools that can solve all the issues in an image.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac, is a completely JPEG file repairing tool which is designed and developed by Stellar Data Recovery. It is one of the fined Photo recovery tools available for Mac users. I am a professional photographer and my most of the imaged are in JPEG format, it is very often when my photos get corrupt. Therefore, I always wanted a product that can repair all my corrupt and damaged photos easily. Now, I got that perfect product and going to discuss some of its amazing features with you all.

Product Name: Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac

Version: 3.0

Download Size: 8.6 MB

Installation Time: 20 Sec

Free Demo: Available

License Type: Single User license (Download): User can install the software on a single system

Price: $39

Product Website Link:

Product Buy Page:

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac software Recovers all the corrupt and damaged JPEG and JPG files and is compatible with the latest OS X Mavericks.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Intel

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 and above

RAM: 1 GB recommended

Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space


  • Supports both JPEG and JPG image format
  • User friendly interface and very efficient
  • Less expensive


  • Does not support other files formats except JPEG and JPG

Core Features

  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair includes many efficient features with it that make it different from other similar products. It supports scanning of all the external and internal devices and repairs all the damaged JPEG images in their original form.
  • This  tool can repair any kind of corruption and damage causes such as hard disk errors, virus infection, program error, etc. It supports both JPEG and JPG file extensions.
  • You can extract your thumbnail images by this tool.
  • This JPEG repairing utility allows you to repair multiple photos in one go. You can easily select any file or folder and repair them simultaneously.
  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software performs optimal Repair for highly corrupted images.

Instructions to use the product

  • Download and install the product and run it.
  • Now, you can see the main windows of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, where you will get two options. One is 'Repair JPEG' and other is 'Extract Thumbnail' choose one option according to your requirement. 
  • If you choose JPEG repair option, then it will ask you to select the location of the image. You can add and remove the locations according to your need. Now press 'Repair File' button.
  • After recovery, it will show you all the repaired files on the left pane of the windows. You can click the icons and view the repaired files. On the right corner of the windows there is 'Save' button available. You can save all the images by clicking it on your desired location.

Extract Thumbnail

  • In case you have chosen 'Extract Thumbnail' option, on the Select JPEG Files window use add and remove button to edit the number of images.
  • In the list check the thumbnail files which you want to  select / unselect
  • Click 'Extract Thumbnail' button, and the process will start
  • You can view extracted file one the preview windows where you can save then on your desired location.

 User ratings 8.5 out of 10

Testing Environments

Test Environment 1:

Operating system version:  Mac OS Mavericks

Intel Processor: Intel i7


Hard drive Capacity: 2 TB

Test Environment 2:

Operating system version: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Intel Processor: Intel i7


Hard drive Capacity: 320 GB


Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac is a fast and efficient product and I found it very reliable software for JPEG recovery as it recovered my complete damaged images. It runs with the same speed and efficiency on highly as well as the normal configured system. If your images are not opening properly or are inaccessible so I will definitely suggest you to take this product and try to recover your photos. For testing, you can use its demo version so that you can find out its accuracy as well.