iPad-Photo-Editing-AppIn the coming year, 2015 iPad will be six years old. A lot has changed in this brief period. Initially, however, these iOS devices were not created for such creative work. Today, there are so many of these photo editing apps that it becomes difficult to chose the right one. There are a few that are available for free as well. Usually, the price of these apps varies anywhere between $2 and $15 or so. Obviously, the costlier apps offer more features and are more comprehensive than those that are free, or cheaper. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have criteria for identifying best iPad photo editing software.

What to look for in any Photo Editing software for iPad?

a)    Synchronizing ability- This means, the app should be able to use images downloaded or uploaded in it, from another device, and synchronize like Dropbox or Photo Stream.

b)    Standard adjusting abilities- This means the user should be able to highlight, blur, balance colors, brighten, shadow, adjust saturation level, resize, rotate, flip, tone, use contrast, manage text content, curve, use filters, reduce noise, etc., as may be deemed necessary to improve the image.

c)    User Interface should be user-friendly- This matters because people have got accustomed to accessing information in some ways. Touch screen based editing is preferred over conventional typing of the commands or using arrows or mouse to do the image editing.

d)    Provides access to features in other apps through Google’s search engine or other in-house apps. It follows that such importing facility and access to features of other software should be accompanied by exporting feature as well.

Here is some of the best iPad photo editing software-

1.    Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch qualifies as the most sophisticated software in the list. It is also one of the most popular apps that can also be used by professionals. The software is sold in the market as it can facilitate layer-based image editing. Moreover, it offers standard adjusting methods and also allows downloading from sources such as Facebook. It has its user manual, and manual corrections are possible too.


•    Lacks FTP exporting feature; and

•    Typography facilitated needs improvement.

•    At almost $10.00 it is a bit too expensive.

2.    Process

Process is considerably simpler though the app is unconventional in its format. The pros of this software include that it is simple and easy to learn since options are limited. It has many of the standard adjustment features


•    Limited perfection in resulted images since multiple layers is not there;

•    Expensive. As of now, it is available for $15.00

3.    Photogene

Photogene is more sophisticated when compared to Process because of which many professionals prefer this for their photo editing when they do not have other ways to edit. There are preset as well as manually adjustable standard adjustments with the standardized filter options. Moreover, the cost is much lower than that of Process. Photogene costs approximately $3.


No layers so the resultant image may appear to be artificial.

4.    SnapSeed

SnapSeed is perhaps the best of the lot based on the reviews about it. It offers touch screen facility for editing images, making editing simpler and fun. Its seamless blending is feasible even in parts of the image. It has a higher level of granularity related capabilities than other software programs such as Process. The best thing is that it comes free of cost.


Though it offers seamless blending even of a specific part of the image, there are still some things that are not possible with it. Effectively, there are limitations to its capabilities.

5.    Photo Forge 2

Photo Forge 2 has many of the features that professional photographers would appreciate. But, it is software for amateurs.  It has standard adjustments, and it simulates film types, processing methods, and even specific type of lenses for editing purposes. It too has layers system and the software facilitates uploading of images using FTP.


Some people have faced some problems in using the features in this software. In other words, it needs to be perfected.


Nowadays iPad devices have become effective substitutes for cameras and editing technologies. People have got accustomed to doing touch ups on through photographs using various software programs. So, get any of these iPad photos editing apps to make your pictures awesome and flawless.