incorporate-creativity-PowerPoint-slidesIn the age of modern technology and science, it is a proven fact that visual appeal is far more impactful and reaching than something which is written in words or paragraphs. The strength of visual based material also is so strong that it registers with your mind much quicker than a normal piece of information comprising of several hundred words. This is why we have seen a sharp rise in the use of graphs, charts, tables and pictures to present something important, for example, facts and research. This is just the basic change we are talking about here. Modern day presenting of information consists of high magnitude of visual appeal, which just baffles any audience sitting around and increases the rate of learning or interactivity to three folds.

PowerPoint presentations have changed the way everything is presented, both in the educational institutions and professional world. Using presentations to highlight different avenues of learning in both aspects of the world is highly recommended and encouraged as well as appreciated. Order assignment service that is all about writing hundreds of words or creating a slide with high value pictures and content is what the competition is all about and always the visual slides end up winning. The justifications of presentations will and can continue on for several pages, the topic for discussion today is how to incorporate that level of creativity within the PowerPoint slides, something which can entice the audience and make them remember your presentation. The later sections of this debate will continue to define several ways through which one can attain high creativity within slides.

Using the right amount of text

There is a very fine line between too much text and too little within a PowerPoint slide. The usage of text also defines how your slide will aesthetically present itself during a slide show, how much space will it have for images and other visual aspects?. It really depends on your own judgment as to exactly how much text is enough? If the information you are presenting is a lot, try to summarize the phrases and fit them up in small bullet points. Maximum of five bullet points per slide is recommended. You can also play a trick to make the audience think the slide is less text by decreasing the size of your fonts and increasing the size of your visual content. Tactics like these, will create a lot of room to enhance the look of your slide from an aesthetic and creative angle.

Use the right font style

Besides, the amount of text you use, it is also important to choose the right font style. Something which seems a bit creative and aesthetically pleasing as well as also is very readable. Choosing a font which is not readable will hurt the credibility and importance of your slide. Always prioritize the font style on reading parameters and then styling. Ask others to read something on the slide, to ensure the font is readable by everyone and not just you.


Using relevant visual content

Visual content is the top most factors in enhancing the creativity of your slides. From basic pictures and charts to high definition videos, linking and other relevant content, you have everything at your disposal to play with. First, decide the theme of your visual content, how many pictures per slide are you going to use, which shapes and charts will you be following and what will be the colors. Synchronization of your slides is very important if you want the visual content to play an appealing role. One slide going somewhere and the other going to completely different theme will obviously hurt the visual part of your presentation.

When making charts and graphs, always decide which two charts are you going to utilize in the entire presentations. Your chart should also make sense, if something is presentable in a table form, then there is no need to make a forced chart. Similarly, using smart art graphics is also and should be limited to the relevant portions. Using forced smart art, just to incorporate graphics makes no sense at all.

Working on transitions and animations

Finally, the most advanced stage of creativity is boosting your presentation with amazing transitions and animations. This is where you can really highlight your hard work and increase your interactivity. PowerPoint has amazing default transitions and animation panel that users can use and they can further download new ones. Always keep your animations at a pace where you can also explain the important points and also give time to your audience to read it. The timing of your transition and animations is what decides how cool your presentations look. It will take some time to perfect the timing, so obviously you will have to dedicate a few hours into this section.

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