Microsoft-Dynamics-NAV-2015The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has seen a plethora of new capabilities added to further enhance usability and extend the reach to those using tablet devices. Whilst there are many new features in this release I have picked a few that really stand out as innovative and further add value to what is already a great solution.

Optimised for deployment on tablet devices

Dynamics NAV for tablets gives you the flexibility to move away from your desktop or laptop, now allowing you to get access to the data you need from your preferred device. Designed for touch devices so that you can get work done at home, work or on the go. NAV for tablets is available on Windows, Android and IOS and can be downloaded for free from the relevant online store for your preferred device. Currently there is only support for tablet devices with a screen size greater than 7” however it has been optimised for 10” tablets.

Document Report Design Integration with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has now been introduced as a report layout editing option for document reports allowing easier customisation of reports or customer/supplier facing documents such as statements, invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, remittance advice and more. Historically you would be reliant on developers to make changes to your documents but now with this new functionality and little guidance you can make changes simply and quickly using the familiar MS Word.

Interoperability with Office 365

Interoperability with Office 365 enables you to drill down, analyse, share and collaborate with peers like never before. With a simple click of a button, export data from NAV for analysis then share through email or SharePoint. If you are currently using office 365 or plan to use office 365 then you can use your same office 365 account to login to the NAV 2015 windows client.

Simplified User Experience

Features have been introduced to not only make tasks easier but to also make performing tasks faster therefore improving efficiency. For example, you can mark fields as mandatory so that it is clear to users which fields as a minimum must be completed. Unnecessary UI elements can also be removed if a user does not have permission therefore leaving a nice uncluttered screen and only showing what is really relevant to a user. Additionally 60+ new pages have been added to provide a simplified experience aimed at making it easier for small businesses allowing users to enter and process data quickly and easily.

Bank Integration

Whether you are paying vendors or need to import your bank statement for reconciliation, Dynamics NAV 2015 allows you to import/export bank files using formats such as SEPA. There has also been the introduction of advanced financial management features, simplified payment reconciliation, improved payment export, verification of VAT registration numbers to name a few.

Improved tiles on role centre

Enhanced functionality of tiles, gives users more control over the appearance. Instead of just showing the number of documents in the system, it is possible to implement expressive tiles to show the most important information that users need to act on.

RapidStart Services for Upgrades

Some handy new features are now available to speed up the process of upgrades, this is significant as it make it easier and more cost effective to keep on the latest version and make use of new functionality as it’s introduced.

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