Collaboration-Service-Cloud-ComputingCloud collaboration is a relatively new term but it is fast emerging as the most preferred way of sharing as well as co-authoring digital files with the help of cloud computing technology. This technology facilitates the uploading of files on a central cloud storage, which can then be shared and accessed for various other purposes by authorized users. The files stored on the cloud can be commented and even edited for better collaboration among the users on the cloud itself. Cloud collaboration is being slowly used by majority of the organizations that need to collaborate on various projects.

Globalization & the Cloud

Globalization has made it mandatory for the companies that are operating on a global level to use the advanced cloud computing and collaboration features. Cloud computing itself is the term used for defining the data access, software and storage services that can be used by the end-uses while remaining completely oblivious of the technology used in the background. This is quite similar to an electric grid where the end users do not need to understand the primary technology and other components used in delivering electricity to their homes or offices.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration essentially means that the employees of your company will be able to work on the same digital file simultaneously. This makes a job that requires collaboration among multiple employees really easy. Documents need not be mailed back and forth for editing or approval. Employees of your organization will be able to work on the same file without needing any kind of face to face interactions. The progress and other benchmarking could be easily carried out by the management. This will make workflow simpler and efficient thereby increasing the productivity by quite a few notches.

Companies are finding out the power of collaboration over the cloud and are slowly making changes in the company policy to adopt the advanced technologies. However there are a few things that might affect the adoption of cloud based collaboration challenging for the organizations:

  • Resistance in knowledge sharing – It is extremely difficult for many employees to share their knowledge. There are many who are reluctant to share their work or knowledge just because they do not trust their colleagues. Companies have to wriggle out of this tight corner in order to make effective use of the power of cloud collaboration.
  • Email is still the most preferred collaboration tool – Now, this is something that you will find tough to do away with easily. Old habits seldom go away overnight as most of the people who have been using emails for years will not be very comfortable with cloud collaboration. Emails are easy where users will only have to log in and attach any document they want to share but in the case of cloud collaboration everything takes place on a real time basis and employees might find it difficult to come to terms with.
  • Missing incentives – Why would you think of changing your old document sharing ways when there is nothing much to be gained from it? It is one difficult choice that employees have to make and they will resist the change when they find that there are no incentives attached to the change. 
  • Absence of initiatives from the seniors – Companies might find it really difficult for their top brass to change their old collaboration habits. Now, juniors will always have a reason by the giving the example of their seniors while adopting the new technology.

Once you are able to somehow negotiate all the above challenges, you can easily shift to cloud collaboration smoothly.

About the author. Tanya Williams is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.