Windows-Server-2003Windows Server 2003 is a Microsoft server operating system released in 2003 and updated as 2003/R2 in 2005. Its successor was Windows Server 2008 which in turn was eventually succeeded by Windows Server 2012.

Support for 2003 and 2003/R2 ends on July 14th 2015. This means Microsoft will no longer develop, update or release any security patches.

From July 2015, 2003-based applications will be running on an unsupported and increasingly vulnerable operating Ssstem. Microsoft advises that this will trigger issues of non-compliance for many organisations.

Discover – Assess – Target – Migrate

Microsoft advises Server 2003 customers to first discover what applications run on 2003. This can be done using (amongst others) the free Microsoft MAP toolkit which will help catalogue applications. Then assess priorities for migration. Choose a migration target which ranges from: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure, Cloud OS Network, and Office 365. After analysis, customers can then migrate their apps and data to their new chosen destination and technology type. Customers typically engage a Microsoft partner to help them with migration.

Migrating to a cloud environment, transforms IT processes for many organisations. To find out more information, visit: