ways-avoiding-structural-mistakes-essayIt is important to know how to avoid mistakes while writing an effective and meaningful essay. Essay should be well structured and free of errors otherwise it may be the result of ineffectiveness and shows poor performance of the writer. Mostly wrong text, sentences and paragraphs in essay create confusions for the reader and effect the reputation of the writer as well.

There are several ways of avoiding structural mistakes some of them are discussing as under:

Proper introduction of an essay:

 It is the most important part of any essay, it must be well- written that easily catch the interest of the readers and make the essay exceptional and attractive. It contains the information of the topic and describes the reason of writing an essay. It is the clear statement of your thesis and describes your main idea and its scope.

 It needs to be clear and precise and just write for grabbing the interest of the reader, it does not conclude the topic itself just clearly describe the aim of writing an essay. It includes definition or explanations of a key term refer from your discipline.

Appropriate division of the paragraphs:

Effectiveness of an essay depends on its division of the paragraphs, each paragraph have only one focus and point. Paragraphs divided in a way that it not so much long or short that will be the result of confusion for the readers. It has to know how to structure the paragraphs of introduction, main body and conclusion.

Well explanation of the main body:

This section includes complete description and explanation of the topic, and also mentions the arguments of the writer about the topic. Each idea should be describe in separate paragraphs. You can use scholar’s ideas and literature for supporting your arguments or give the response of the questions you have developed in your essay.

While structuring the main body of your essay you have to follow the following rules:

• Each paragraph must in relation with the preceding paragraph of the main body.

• Take out those ideas of the scholars which support your arguments

• Give solid and accurate evidence of your argument and discuss your topic in depth.

• Explain the circumstances by using different examples, graphs, diagrams etc.

• Add your comment, discussion and evaluation of your topic.

• The closing paragraph of the main body contains your most affecting information.

Proper conclusion of the topic:

The aim of conclusion is to summarize your topic and present your comments and make final evaluations. The result must be based on accurate facts and figures and strictly avoid wrong and irrelevant information in order to accomplish the true outcome of the essay. It persuades your reader to think about the essay and make clear end of the essay.

The conclusion paragraphs have to include:

• Any new information should be avoided in the conclusion

• Give concise summery of data presented in your essay

• Verification of theory included in essay

• Comments on the significance of the topic

• Evaluate issues related to the topic that require further investigations

• Future direction of your argument

For creating a powerful essay you should ensure that text sentances, structures are clearly defined.try to avoid errors of punctuation, spelling, use conjunction for joining the sentences and make the essay understandable for the readers without confusing them.

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