Grow-Business-Using-SalesforceIf you are a start-up business looking to develop and grow, you need much more than plain dumb luck to help you. You need the right set of business tools that will help you along this journey. One of these tools is a salesforce release.

There are three very important things that a startup should concentrate on if they want to be successful.

  • Visibility of operations

Whether one is predicting the numbers or reporting them, the growth of a startup is all about the statistics of growth and how a certain company is growing. If you are the owner of a startup, you will be required to prove your success at every step with data to back it up. If you are looking at potential investors to put their money in, then they will look at your reports and the kind of business-driven foresight that these reports display. To produce these reports so that decisions can be made, start-ups do not have the luxury of an entire team to do their market research for them. This is where Salesforce comes in which will quickly produce results. Salesforce will pinpoint and narrow down the kind of products, services and markets to focus on, what is productive, when should you start recruiting, etc.

A startup will not have a lot of money for slow operations. A Salesforce release will get your work done quickly. You need quick data to produce results to attract funds and this CRM software will do the work for you. Statistics show that startup companies which have started using CRM are 2.5 times more successful in raising money than their counterparts.

  • Scale

When it comes to providing a business with scalability of platform, most start-ups face their hiccups. Again, data shows that over 70 per cent of start-ups face a problem of scalability. This is vital for any company to grow. Regardless of whether the investment is in a web based platform or a suite of front-office applications, there is a major risk in system failure and then the consequent cost of changing is a very steep one. When making the decision, consider the stability, the mobile support provided and how easy the platform is to manage.

You might need to expand your sales team from just one person to hundreds or even thousands of representatives. Remember that the more teams are added, specific applications required for these teams have to be added as well. However, a startup won’t usually have the resources to build their tailor made applications.

If you are using salesforce then you will get a consolidated centre which will allow you to manage the sales, servicing and marketing to be able to create a singular client profile.

  • Creating processes

Many start-ups face the problem of having a wonderful product or service to offer but having to deal with the added burden of creating processes from scratch. For companies that are just beginning, there are limited resources and they cannot afford to spend their time on anything other than building a top notch product or service.

Creating an operation for managing sales and support is one of the most crucial yet challenging hurdles that all start-ups have to encounter during the initial stages of development. Using salesforce will have sales processes already in place leading to losing less business and creating more opportunities. Client servicing executives will have an idea about their customer base as well. Finally, having constant client feedback means that you are not disconnected from market preferences and are in touch.

About the author

Shannon Beckett is a Salesforce release app developer working on a freelance basis. Shannon loves to watch tv shows in her free time.