Able2Extract-9Going paperless requires a little more than simply wanting to save the planet’s resources and company’s expenses. It involves carefully choosing appropriate technology for this purpose, and investing in software tools and devices that will save costs and resources in the long run. It also involves switching to a different work mode and learning how to use this “paperless” technology.

Most businesses and institutions across the world recognize the new technology as a worthy investment, so today we have electronic business communication winning primacy over the traditional “offline” information and data transfer. We even have people sending legal contracts to each other, eliminating the need for expensive business trips only for the purpose of signing a document.

Using the PDF for Secure File Sharing

The standard file format for business document transfer is the PDF. It is most commonly used for sending and sharing sensitive files such as contracts, financial reports, academic papers, professional resumes, etc. However, the senders of these files know better than to send important documents unprotected.

One way to secure PDF files is to set up passwords that allow PDF owners to choose how they want their files to be handled. Investintech’s Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 is a good choice of software for this purpose, not only because it allows creating and securing PDFs, but also because its rich supply of conversion features (including scanned conversion in the professional version of the software) make this tool a nice fit for a paperless-friendly office.

Create and Secure PDFs with Able2Extract

Using Able2Extract is very easy, which adds to the tool’s appealing feature list. The following guide can help users quickly learn how to password-protect their newly created or old PDFs:

  1. Click on the button Create if you are creating a new PDF.


  1. Click on the button Open if you are opening an already created PDF.


  1. Go to View in the File menu and then open the PDF Creation Options.


  1. Click on Security. Check the Secure PDF box.


  1. Choose User and Owner passwords. This will allow you to set file permissions.


You can allow your file recipients to print, copy, modify your document, etc. or you can choose to restrict these possibilities.

Users who install Able2Extract's trial version can also convert PDFs to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD (DWG and DXF), OpenOffice, HTML, Image formats, as well as edit PDF pages, perform batch conversions and do other PDF-related tasks. It’s certainly a tool to explore now that the new creating and editing features make it a complete PDF management solution for business professionals.