Microsoft-Dynamics-CRMThe CRM market is changing fast and the method for delivery. Expectations for growth are that over 50% of all CRM solutions will be deployed in the cloud.

This trend is definitely reflective of the way people now work, especially sales teams. In many companies, sales and marketing teams meet face-to-face less and less but the need to be more connected to each other is more apparent now than ever.

Microsoft CRM 2015 is the first release that attempts to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, removing the need for marketers to use many disparate systems and allowing the sales executives to really engage with the marketing process.

So what are the top 5 benefits of CRM 2015 from a sales and marketing perspective?

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing - The 2015 update of Dynamics Marketing helps organisations streamline campaign creation and improve segmentation with graphical email editing, A/B and split testing, integrated offers and approval workflows. Sending bulk emails campaigns and monitoring their progress directly in CRM has never been easier.
  2. Enhance Mobile Sales - Ever been in a meeting and wanted to add details directly into CRM with your mobile device because you didn’t have access to a wireless network? CRM 2015 will allow users to create drafts offline and update this data back into your CRM when you get back online.


  1. Enhanced Business Processes and Rules - Ever wanted to build branching logic into the current Business processes or Rules? CRM 2015 will allow branching rules (IF Then Else) and combine multiple conditions in one rule. The possibilities are endless for truly guided sales processes!


  1.  Sales Hierarchies - personally one of my favourite! The ability to visualise a company in terms of parent child relationship and the overall revenues. Quickly interact with key members of your team who are working on related accounts. In time we hope this hierarchy visualisation will expand to other records in CRM, especially custom!


  1. Search - CRM 2015 will allow cross record searching. This type of search functionality is long overdue. Checking to ensure a lead isn’t already entered as an account, opportunity, contact etc. is a one click process!


To find out more about CRM 2015 download the Microsoft Preview guide from the Advantage website: Click here