Tech-Tools-Innovative-LearningIn today’s technology world, more and more advanced technologies are enabling the students to boost their academic performance. Innovative tech tools are turning students proactive to learn things that are not feasible with traditional classroom tools. Now students can connect with their teachers and classmates by using their digital device. Educators and learners can enhance their knowledge on any class topic by utilizing the advanced technology tools. If you are a student and want to boost your academic performance, then you should use the latest tech tools in your study time. Drive through information shared below to enhance your knowledge by innovative technologies.

  1. Padlet

The paddle is an innovative technology tool that is providing a virtual wall to students for proactive learning. When students use Padlet in their studies, they can easily share their new creative ideas with their friends and educators. It is seen that very often the student needs a forum to show their inner talent. For this purpose Padlet is the best option, you can easily share any sort of creative material on visual wall. For instance, you can share pictures, audio, videos, and any type of document by using Padlet. Moreover, this superb tool will also enable you to discuss and share your opinion in class activities. The visual wall allows a group learning session so you can post different content in one place. It means that you can ask multiple questions for your teacher and friends to solve problems that are hard for you to tackle individually. Therefore, use this e-learning tool to stay connected and exchange knowledge with others.

  1. Newsela

Like Padlet, Newsela is also a free online app that facilitates the students and teachers in classroom activities. Its powerful features enable the students to study in an effective manner. Newsela allows the students making the reading process clear. With its great features, you can split and read information in four levels. Every level has a different vocabulary and sentence structure to boost every level student’s knowledge. This app consists of a BINDER tab that enables educators and students to assess their class performance. By pressing the Binder option, you can track new class projects with their deadline. Assigners can also track and evaluate students’ performance by using this tech tool.

  1. Google Glass

Today students are wearing Google glass, to learn in an innovative way. Google glass is a wearable technology that enables the students to learn in a digital way just like digital whiteboards. By wearing Google glass, students can easily collaborate with their class teacher and classmates about class activities. Moreover, this innovative tech tools will also facilitate you to backup, ongoing class lecture in internal storage. By wearing Google glass, you can also capture images and videos with a single wink. Therefore buy and wear this powerful tech tool to gather the required information in an innovative way. Educators can also use this powerful wearable technology to maintain a record of every student’s class activity in a new manner.

  1. Ninja Essay

Many academic experts believe that academic writing activity is tough for 75% students. Fortunately Ninja essay assists the students in their all sorts of academic writing activity, especially, need to write a unique essay. If you’re looking forward to an opportunity to write an inspiring essay, then Ninja essay is best for you.  This innovative tool of technology will turn your academic writing activity easy and enjoyable experience for you by developing your writing skills. All of us know that writing projects play a key part in the academic performance of student therefore it should prepare in the best way possible. You should also utilize Ninja Essay on your academic writing project to develop your class projects in an inspiring way. This tech tool would not only enhance your writing skills, but also stands you out from the crowd.

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