BlackBerry-Has-No-NSA-ying-ProblemBlackBerry shares fell (NASDAQ:BBRY) in the after-hours trading yesterday after Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) announced their partnership. BlackBerry went down to below $11, dropping by more than 4%. The slide may continue later today.

The strong presence of IBM in the enterprise market will give Apple devices a great boost for corporate clients, while majority of BlackBerry's revenue now comes from enterprise services, making this latest news a good reason for BBRY shares to slide in the next succeeding days.

BBRY may find it prudent to make some profit before the stock slides below $10, with diehard BlackBerry users may fight this one by still using protective inputs.

BlackBerry however, can survive an IBM-assisted Apple assault, as the security level of BlackBerry enterprise solutions is better than then the others. And while IBM may help iPhone and iPad sales for Apple, the enterprise market will remain dominated by BlackBerry.

Corporations today are paranoid about industrial espionage. BlackBerry was the first mobile solutions company to receive the U.S. Department of Defense's "Full Operational Capability" (NASDAQ:FOC) seal of approval. The U.S. Department of Defense though allows its staff to use iPhone and the iPad only if under BlackBerry software.

BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 and 12 are already Bring-Your-Own-Device compliant and while corporate workers may use more iPhones with IBM's help., the, enterprise iPhones will probably still use BlackBerry's Secure Work Place for ultimate security.

Security has not been Apple's better hallmarks, while it currently sells maximum premium handsets, the iPhone is prone to security flaws, and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) engineers helped Apple find and fix major security bugs in iOS and OS X, just highlighting Apple devices past security issues will make corporate buyers less enthusiastic for the iPhone.

Fortune 500 companies know that Apple's iTunes accounts have been hacked many times. Tim Cook and Jon Ive design best-looking smartphone yet Apple can't prevent security breaches.

BlackBerry uses cryptography technology that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) still cannot hack, as such BlackBerry appeals to Chinese and Russian firms who don’t like NSA's snooping activities.

IBM with reputation for security cannot help iPhones if it uses Apple-coded OS and apps leaving BlackBerry the top mobile device management provider, with secured BB 10 phones, email, messaging, and data servers.

The Chinese government is encouraging Chinese banks to replace IBM servers and software and IBM, along with Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) are under suspicion by China's command economy leadership, this may not help Apple sell more iPhones in China, Russia, and other anti-U.S. countries.

Chinese firms will find it hard to defy the anti-IBM stance of Chinese Government and military, and it is likely that ten years from now most Chinese organizations will no longer be using IBM.

China Central Television recently warned its viewers that iPhone is a national threat, and despite Apple's denial that its phones can be used to spy on Chinese people, the damage is done. Other countries which are paranoid about the NSA's spying activities may consider iPhone unworthy for enterprise-level use.


John Chen can increase BlackBerry's business by highlighting its NSA-proof feature, and while the IBM / Apple venture is marketable, they will find corporate clients hard to convince to abandon BlackBerry's BES 10, which offsets the pervasive demands for the best security for corporate communication.

BlackBerry’s all-in-one secured mobile device management solution is used by SecuSmart for its desktop/VOIP phones. SecuSmart offers the BlackBerry-encrypted phones for $2,800 each, and three governments have bought them.

Obama still uses a BlackBerry phone for his official use and Chinese and Russian hackers have not succeeded in hacking Obama's phone yet. The NSA's inability to hack BlackBerry's encryption has compelled it to provide Obama a BlackBerry phone.

A BlackBerry device is still more secure than a Blackphone using Android OS, as a smartphone using Android software may never be 100% secure.

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