Linux-Hosting-Windows-HostingWeb hosting services are utilized to enhance the accessibility of your website online. It is through this service that the data on your website is hosted on the server. The website administrator manages the way things appear on the website using various control techniques. Operating system provided by webhosting providers is the first thing you need to consider before launching your website. The type of hosting your online venture requires depends on the development language or database used for your website. There a plethora of web hosting platforms that you may use for your website depending on your requirements.

Linux web hosting

Linux hosting is widely used by the ones who prefer flexible development environment.  It is best for web hosting services and applications because of its stability, cost effective when running multiple servers and ease of customizing applications as per your business requirements. Linux services are mainly used by small business enterprises in pursuit of establishing a long term online presence. It is very effectively priced and therefore used by millions worldwide.  In order to get the right hosting provider for your venture it is important to have proper understanding of Linux hosting services and its benefits:

  • It is apt for PHP, Perl, Python, or CGI scripting
  • It is an open source platform with room for modification
  • Allows use of scripting software like MySQL
  • Based on general public license
  • Secure and low cost hosting platform

Windows hosting

Windows hosting is used for designing dynamic websites which use scripting language like ASP (Active Server Pages) and ASP.NET. It can also be used to setup advanced applications and XML services and create web pages. Licensing cost also needs to be paid by you while taking up a windows hosting package whereas Linux doesn’t require any license and this makes the former more expensive.  Windows hosting customers use SQL server (MS SQL). It is apt for developing blogs, podcast and designing shopping cart for your online venture.

There are numerous benefits that make windows so popular as a web hosting provider, some of which are discussed below:

  • It helps developers to create interactive applications
  • It is compatible with cold fusion
  • Its robust functionality makes its apt for e-commerce websites

The hosting service you use for your online venture must fulfill the requirements of your venture and aid reliable performance of your website.