Prevent-PST-Corruption‘My Outlook 2002 momentarily stops responding, especially during typical operations like sending or receiving an email message with attachment. Moreover, these symptoms are more noticeable during the mail delivery and during the synchronization processes. Why is this happening? And how can I prevent it?

The above-mentioned problem is not limited to one Outlook 2002 user; instead, it is a common problem that is encountered by many of them. This problem occurs as the PST file reaches to 2GB, which is commonly considered as oversized PST in case of Outlook 2002 and other early Outlook versions.

Outlook has limited the size of their PST file and this size limit is 2GB for Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. As soon as the PST file of these Outlook versions reaches to this size limit, it starts exhibiting the behaviors as explained above. However, the situation becomes worse when you neglect this problem and your PST file exceeds 2GB. At that situation, the PST file has high chances of corruption. Since a corrupt PST file leads to inaccessibility of all the data stored in it, it must be avoided.

Mentioned below are the resolutions to prevent PST corruption due to oversize and resolve the above-mentioned problem:

  • Upgrade to UNICODE Format: The PST file of Outlook 2002 and earlier versions is formatted in ANSI format and hence, it is limited to 2GB. By seeing the problem with small size of PST files in this format, Microsoft upgraded it to UNICODE in Outlook 2003 and later versions. Now, these versions (Outlook 2003 and later) can store data up to 20GB. Therefore, by upgrading the ANSI-formatted PST file to UNICODE-formatted PST file, you can overcome the size problem with your PST file and resolve above-mentioned Outlook performance issues.
  • PST2GB Tool: If the above method fails or if you think that upgrading to UNICODE format is a difficult task, then use of pst2gb tool can do the needful for you. However, there are high chances of data loss during truncation by this tool and hence, it is not a preferred option.
  • Split Large PST into Multiple Smaller PST Files: One of the most simplest and harmless method to avoid and resolve such situations is splitting of large PST file into multiple smaller PST files. In this method, every PST file contains a part of your original PST file, but it is less than 2GB in size. The best way to split a large PST file is by using the professional split PST software.

One such tool is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Splitter. This efficient PST splitter software splits large PST file into multiple smaller PST files without causing data loss.