microsoft-Dynamics-Support-PartnerSoftware support is a bit like insurance, nobody wants to pay for it but when the pipe bursts you’re really glad you’ve got it. Actually, that’s not entirely fair, most of us accept that to insure against the unforeseen we need to spend but we are often looking to optimise the service we receive whilst mitigating the cost. So how do we do that?

Give yourself time, save money

Often support renewals are automatic. The first you know is when the invoice lands on your desk 30 days before your renewal and then it’s too late. Check your support contract now and note the renewal date. More importantly look up your notice period. Then get your supplier in with plenty of time to discuss your options.

Review your use of support

Review your use of support over the year. If you paid a five figure sum for only three fifteen minute support calls for a system that is static and mostly running day-to-day trouble free, then you should look at restructuring your support. Look at more cost-effective options like a bundle of support calls or “pay-as-you-go” support.

Review the quality of support

Examine what you’re getting for that annual fee. Your supplier should be offering you real “value added” whether that’s product updates, customer events or networking opportunity and not just a support desk. You’re paying a tidy sum so you should be getting something back.

Dedicated account management

Having an individual who is responsible for your well-being (well at least your businesses) is great. Somebody who you can bounce ideas off, escalate problems to and share your plans with at any time and at no additional cost.

Shop around

If your supplier isn’t ticking the boxes for value and quality, search for alternatives. Even if you decide to stick with your current supplier it won’t do you any harm to look at what the rest of the market is doing.