Recover-your-Mac-DataAny Mac user has to deal with different kinds of data on a daily basis. Some of the data that are regularly copied, moved, saved, deleted, etc. from the Mac system include documents, images, videos, texts, etc. However, while performing such operations on the data, one has to be careful, as any mishandling could accidentally delete or damage the data.

A deleted Mac data could prove to be a nightmare for the user, as getting back the lost data may be not be as simple. A user might be able to recover data from the Trash, if he has accidentally deleted the data. However, in case of permanent deletion, it becomes impossible for the user to get back the data. There are various means through which user can try recovering the lost Mac data, but it is always recommended to have a professional and reliable tool to recover important Mac data.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an ideal tool to recover just about everything from your Mac system. It supports recovering data from various Mac based devices including iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook pro, etc. in its original format. In addition, the advanced algorithm used by the software makes RAW data recovery possible from the entire Mac system.

Photo Recovery

There could be different photo format on a Mac based system. The software supports recovery of photos of any file format from any internal or external Mac hard drive. With this software you can get back your formatted, damaged, or deleted photo in no time.

Deleted File and Volume Recovery

The software uses an advanced scanning algorithm, to scan all your permanently deleted files, folders, etc. With this option, you can get back your lost data that is not even present in a Trash in its original format. In addition, the software maintains the original file name after recovery.

In case of deleted volume, the software rebuilds the deleted volumes from a formatted drive using any format including HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, etc.

iPod Data Recovery

iPod is one of the most widely used Mac supported device for music files, photos, videos, etc. While accessing or transferring such files, it might get lost. With the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you can easily recover any lost or deleted files from iPod device including iPod Classic and Shuffle.

Raw Recovery

The software works on the concept of file signatures, which helps in recognizing different file formats with the help of inbuilt fingerprints. It is an advanced feature, which supports more than 122 types of file. You can use the Raw Recovery option in case of severe corruption.

Recovery from Optical Media

An optical media could be in the form of a CD, DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc etc. Such media stores different kind of files on it. However, such files can become inaccessible if they are not properly burnt onto the disc. With this tool, you can easily recover back all inaccessible or damaged files.

NTFS Partitions Recovery

The software has the ability recover data even from NTFS based partitions running Boot Camp. Irrespective of the Mac setup, you can recover any kind of data from it.

FAT and ExFAT Formatted Drives Recovery

You can easily recover lost data from drives and volumes running on different formats including FAT or ExFAT. You can either perform a 'Quick Scan' on such drives, to recover all lost files in no time or perform a 'Deep Scan' to recover almost everything from the drive by performing sector-by-sector scan of the hard drive.

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