Smart-DrugsThe desire to improve intelligence is a common one, and there are many people who seek out smart drugs to help make this happen. The media typically reports on the potential negative side effects of using prescription medication such as Ritalin and Adderall to attain a quick mental boost, but there is another alternative called nootropics.

In fact, these supplements have been created by chemists and studied by medical researchers, and they are often found to have desirable perks such as increased memory capacity. Additionally, they are non-addictive and non-toxic, so they are a much safer option. Of course it’s a good idea to educate yourself about nootropics before you choose to make them a part of your daily regimen. Let’s examine 3 of the more popular supplements:


This product can only be obtained with a prescription, and it is used to treat a wide variety of other issues such as excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. Users who take Armodafinil will receive a smooth energy boost that does not come with any of the undesirable side effects of caffeine or amphetamines, including racing thoughts, fast heartbeat and edginess. Instead, Armodafinil will make users feel alert, more motivated and able to focus more easily on their daily tasks. Some people have reported that this prescription nootropic also combats problems such as brain fog and fatigue.

There are some potentially negative side effects, and it is inconvenient that a doctor needs to prescribe Armodafinil. However, this medication is highly rated by people who want to be more alert and experience increased concentration, and it can be used for up to 12 weeks at a time.

Alpha Brain

This nootropic has quickly become one of the most popular, and is available without a prescription. Although the manufacturer's claims are a bit exaggerated, it can be successfully ‘stacked’ with other nootropics and acetylcholine activators to provide the desired results.

The main focus of Alpha Brain is on increasing the user's levels of choline. The purpose of this is to assist the brain with deductive reasoning, memory retention, learning ability and memory recall. In other words, Alpha Brain definitely shows promise, and it is a good introduction to cognitive enhancers. As an added bonus, this product uses all-natural ingredients. On the downside, Alpha Brain can be expensive, especially if you are using it for stacking.


There are many nootropic supplements available, but sunifiram is said to be the most effective. This product is extremely popular, and it is estimated to be 1,000 times more potent than the original nootropic piracetam, which was invented in 1964. Users enjoy the fact that sunifiram is relatively easy to find, and it has also been linked to improved focus and mental clarity, enhanced memory recall and retention, increased learning ability and improved logical reasoning.

Additionally, these benefits can be received after a single dose, and they will last for longer than other similar nootropics. Unfortunately, sunifiram is expensive, and it is common for people to feel a bit on edge or jittery in a manner that is similar to using caffeine.

Ultimately, research shows that smart drugs are actually a lot less harmful than substances which many people think nothing about exposing their bodies to – such as cigarette smoke and fast food hamburgers. The reality is that recent negative media attention has been caused by the fact that most people are unfamiliar with these supplements, and a lack of awareness almost always leads to unnecessary fear.

Studies have proven that many nootropics have a positive impact on cognitive functionality and mental health, and this means that smart drugs could be a much better choice than prescription antidepressants and amphetamines. Nootropics are not going to become the latest designer drugs, but they can help you receive a mental boost without needing to deal with common pharmaceuticals that have an extremely long list of potential side effects attached to them.