Android-vs-iPhoneiPhone has the reputation of being a first-timer. Almost every day it has something to make that more believable. iPhone users throughout the world swear by the innovative technology that it has to offer time and again with every new release.

But all that seems to be a different side of story when we look at the other factors that matter! What we find looking into the details make you rethink about the undisputed supremacy of the Apple’s flagship entity as Google’s Android takes on to it with the features that really do impress a lot – and more ever when you compare it with iPhone’s hyped facility.

Google’s pioneering initiative has worked big in making things change for the world quite unlike Apple did - with ideas that works best with mobility. Launched nearly a couple of years past iPhone, Android today has many features that make iPhone run of money. 

Well, what are these? Let’s find out:

Expandable Storage

Storage is one factor where iPhone lacks terribly whereas Android wins it hands-down. It offers you the ability to increase your space with extensible memory. This is something that really makes Android look more open to people’s needs.

Dynamic Maps

Being Google product, Android wins it over the pulling things through map. It offers mobile users a great way to operate through apps and this makes them easily interact with different GPS facilities and navigation systems.

No 'walled garden'

Android allows you to launch your app within a few hours unlike Apple that takes weeks to let you publish your app. You just agree with the Google Play policies following the easy approval process and you are done without much waiting.

Default actions

With Android, you are free to set your default actions for web browsing, emailing, chat and stuff. You will never be asked to use any specific app or program just like Apple does it with Safari. You are free to customize your phone’s working your way to great limits.

Multiple app store support

If you own an Android phone, you must know that there are multiple app stores that are available to download Android apps from. Well, that’s simply a great move by Google to liberate the app sharing idea. Amazon is one good example if it.

Ample hardware choices

You are not restricted to limited hardware choices at Android works with a large number of devices that are available with different global brands. To get your Android running, you get to choose from a wide range of configurations, features, colors, makes and models unlike iOS that only works with its home product that is iPhone.

Standard cables and dock connections

Connecting an Android phone is always easy no matter where and which place it is. The standard connectors, cables and plugs used by Android devices are easily available which allows you to sync your phone with any machine and make it work with just any system.

Better widgets

Android is known to have better lock screen with more information placed beautifully. The graphic weather display, dynamic events, album art, slick notification details and enhanced social syncing makes it live the design better.

Better Integration

Google based mobile allows great level of integration with its ranging products. This makes sharing and exploring easy and interesting. You can simply have all your things together in one place and combine the various utility factors together to experience a big domain of utility.

Sumit Garg is a Project Manager at MobilePhoneApps4U- iPhone, iPad and Android App Development Company provides custom mobile application development services for all major mobile platforms. Follow me on @mpa4u.