Microsoft has come up with a latest update; the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Wave. This update brings to you a host of new social listening features and works like a dream for every marketer.

Every ‘type & size’ of business thrives because of its customers. If customers like your deliverables then business shoots up else it just nose dives. Now as the market landscapes change, customer sentiments and requirements change as well.

In this scenario, it becomes extremely important to use marketing tools for behavioral analytics, and to track customer sentiments, to further amend the necessary changes in your business strategy and your deliverables before they hit the decline stage.

Now, if you want to track and analyze the sentiments of your stakeholders–you need to improve your social listening powers! The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Wave helps you listen to what your‘existing and prospective’ clients are saying about you, your products and your competitors. You can now collect behavioral data easily and in real time and understand what is at the top of the minds of your customers, and hence plan your strategies.

CRM Features to Leverage your Advantages:

  • Businesses can get competitive insights by identifying key influencers, and track the customer reviews for your brand/products in 28 different languages across all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few.
  • Get rid of all the guess work, here you have actual figures in hand. Quantify and analyze how your social media efforts are impacting your marketing and sales and how they are influencing your buyers.
  • Engage more with your customers and know how and what influences their opinion. As you quantify, analyze and then re-strategize, understand how your new strategies are working.
  • You can also receive automatic alerts and notifications based on custom keywords, industry updates and online conversations. Getting instant updates and reviews help in adopting a proactive approach and hence aligning your marketing strategies with your business goals.
  • Enhanced capabilities of Microsoft CRM Wave, allows users to monitor social media channels and keep a track of customer reactions and views regarding their brand, products, competitors and campaigns globally and in real time. This means companies can scale down the research time, and invest more time in engaging the users.

With smart phone in hand, social insights, discussions and sentiments are shared as quickly as one can type them. In the new MS Dynamics CRM Wave, you can add listening charts information in your dashboard and visualize this information in easy to read charts and graphs. Thus, analyze, quantify, measure and communicate internally to act in the right direction for the best business outcomes. Now as measuring, quantifying and analyzing becomes easy, it sets a clear picture for businesses and hence makes lead generations and acquisitions, easier than ever before.

If you are a small business organization, and do not have in-house capabilities of implementing Microsoft dynamics CRM Wave for tracking trends, influencers and insights then collaborating with Microsoft dynamic partners can be fruitful.

Chirag Shivalker is Head of Content Team at HiTechITO. With a decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing.