Outlook-PST-File-CorruptionMicrosoft Outlook is an email client that benefits its users in many ways and one of which is Outlook PST file. PST is the abbreviation used for Personal Storage Table file that is the data file of Outlook used to store mailbox data of a user on his personal workstation. That means all Outlook users have their PST file on the local hard drive of their system wherein their emails, contacts, notes, and other mailbox data is stored. Therefore, the corruption of this file creates inaccessibility of the mailbox of that user and leads to severe data loss.

Generally, Outlook users think that the complex structure of PST file and their storage on the local hard drive of computer are main causes of its corruption, which is not true completely. It is many times seen that if you work carefully, then you can avoid PST corruption to great extent. Some of the common mistakes that Outlook users do unknowingly and encounter PST corruption are:

  • Quitting Outlook Abruptly: One of the biggest mistakes that Outlook users perform in their day to day working with Outlook is quitting Outlook abruptly. However, exiting Outlook without giving proper command to log off does not harm you always, but when Outlook is processing or finalizing the unsaved data on the PST file then there are high chances of corruption of PST file. Therefore, it is always a better way to quit Outlook properly.
  • Keeping Large PST File: Despite Outlook 2003, 2007, support 20GB PST file, but if you exceed its size to 10GB, then your PST file is more prone to corruption even in these versions. Though, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 has file size limit up to 50 GB, it is seen that most of the data loss problems and Outlook performance issues are caused due to large PST file. Thus it is said to keep your PST file in between 2GB and 10GB even in latest Outlook versions.
  • Saving PST File on Network Devices: PST files are designed to be saved on local hard drives of computers. At maximum, you can store them on an external hard drive for safety purposes, but if you store them on network device, then you are inviting corruption for them. Suppose, you have saved your PST file on the Network Server and trying to access it via client computer, then your PST for sure encounter corruption.
  • Improper Power Backup: As explained above, improper closing of Outlook leads to PST corruption, thus if you do not have proper power backup plan for your system, then sudden power loss can lead to PST corruption. In order to avoid this, it is suggested to have proper power backup plans like UPS.

However, if you fail to take these precautions and encountered PST corruption or even after observing these precautions you came across the corruption of your Outlook PST file, then use of professional Outlook PST repair software is recommended. There are various professional tools of this category available in the market that not only repair your corrupt PST file, but also restore all the data stored in it without causing data loss. But one recommended tool is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair.

We are saying this tool as recommended because this tool can fix any kind of damage to Outlook PST File. This is not just helpful to repair mail items but also can repair attachments, contacts, notes, journal, and tasks.  This tool not just repairs bulky PST file but also gives you option to reduce the size of PST file (Compact and Split options), so that further corruption can be avoided. Along with that it supports all latest version of MS Outlook like Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 as well as supports all latest Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. This software is available at: www.scanpst.net

Therefore, whenever you come across the corruption of your PST file and want to restore your invaluable mailbox information, then opt for Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair software and get back to your normal working with Outlook.