Clone-Mac-Hard-DriveHard drive cloning is a great way to back up the entire data on your Mac, including installed applications, on a secondary drive that you can use as a bootable backup of your Mac. In other words, drive cloning results in bootable backup of your Mac, which you can boot from. All you need to do is, simply plug it into a Mac, restart the Mac and hold the ALT key, and then select the clone drive in the boot menu.

Drive Cloning

Hard drive cloning refers to a mechanism, which results in an exact replica of a drive on another drive and the clone drive will contain all the data stored on the primary drive. When it comes to clone Mac drive, you obviously look for a secure media as the destination. However, you cannot be dependent on hard drives as the secure storage media because of their internals. Since this scenario is subject to the corporate world, they mostly use a network drive as the backup drive that is accessible to multiple users.

Network Drive

A network drive is a drive attached to a network, typically to a LAN (Local Area Network), within a business organization, which is accessible to one or multiple users as per the requirements. For a large storage, organizations usually prefer a network drive or a network attached storage (i.e. NAS) device, aiming for attaining high-security and a common access to the data. One of the major advantages of using a network drive is that each user is provided with login credentials and no other user can access can access one’s private data. Besides, data sharing also becomes easier.

Clone on a Network Drive

Since a network drive is more secure as compared any of your Mac drives, you can clone Mac hard drive to network drive, aiming for attaining high-security for the bootable backup of your Mac. As far as Disk Utility is concerned, it does not have any such feature. In fact, it does not list network drive(s) attached to your Mac. Therefore, you have to use a Mac cloning tool that can clone your Mac drive to a network drive. Stellar Drive Clone is a commercial Mac cloning tool, which got the ability to do this in a reliable way.

Using Stellar Drive Clone

When you need to clone Mac hard drive to network drive in a reliable manner, Stellar Drive Clone is the most reliable tool. Using this Mac cloning tool, you can clone as well as image the complete Mac drive or any of its volumes.