By Hannah Corbett

Business-people and entrepreneurs always do well to stay on top of the latest trends in technology, in order to keep their businesses on top of the game. Technology moves fast, and new products and services are emerging all the time. Find out which of the latest tech trends you can make the most of to streamline workflow, increase convenience, and give your business the upper hand in a competitive market.

Cloud-ComputingCloud Computing

Cloud-based storage and software are becoming more commonplace in businesses across all sectors. Gone are the days of paper documents being the norm, and going, too are the days of storing files and software yourself. With tools such as Microsoft’s Online Exchange and SharePoint, or Google’s Apps and Cloud Platform, more people are beginning to incorporate cloud computing into their business’ everyday operation. Cloud Computing is more accessible than more traditional storage and software options, and is often cheaper, too.

Wearable Tech

Technology, meet fashion.  Wearable technology has emerged in recent years, and is looking like taking off in a huge way in years to come. Smart watches are now widely available, and the emergence of Google Glass has completely changed the face of technological accessories.

Mobile Business Apps

There are a wealth of mobile and tablet applications that can help business owners and entrepreneurs plan, schedule, manage, and more, whilst on the go. Many businesses even develop their own apps internally to suit their needs, and ensure the smoothest possible business operation.

Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software has been around for a while, but it is only just developing to the point where we can really rely on its functionality and effectiveness. And, voice recognition is moving to technology outside of smartphones. Voice recognition software can simplify workflow, increase efficiency, and help you better utilise your time overall.

3D Printing

3D printing, like voice recognition, has been around for a while, but it beginning to take off in a big way. 3D printing technology is becoming more accessible and affordable, and has to potential to change many aspects of business, and of life overall. 3D manufacturing provides flexibility to those who many not have the storage or facilities traditionally associated with manufacturing. It’s efficient and fast, and could benefit virtually any business type.

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