Levitation is possible! Don’t think that it is possible to see it only in fantastic films. Nowadays there are a lot of curious devices, which fully or partly use the levitation principle. And each of us is able to buy some of them.

Levitating lamp from Crealev

Designer company Crealev (Holland) has produced a series of unusual table lamps, which look like things from future or science fiction books. The thing is that the upper part of these devices levitates – hangs in space on the height of several centimeters from the base.

Levitating computer mouse BAT

In contrast to ordinary computer mice, which you have to move on the table’s surface, there was made a flying computer mouse. It really soars over the table.

Unusual mouse BAT is able to hover above the special magnetic platform on the worktable. This uncommon construction helps to cure so-called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It is a nerve pinching in wrist (carpus) because of long-time work with a manipulator mouse.

Levitron Revolution

Levitron Revolution is not the separate levitating thing. This is a platform which lets to hold in air any metal item with the weight of 12 ounces.

The device Levitron Revolution has no special functions besides the demonstrative ones. This is just a base for levitation of different things. You can install it on your worktable in order to watch your favorite toy car or airplane. It is also can be used for presentation of different goods, which were fully or partly made of metal.

Levitating sofa Cloud Sofa

From this moment not only cartoon heroes and angels have a chance to relax on the soft cozy cloud. Now there is an unusual sofa which is called Cloud Sofa. It uses the principle of magnetic levitation.

Cloud Sofa consists of two parts: a platform on the floor and the flying mattress above. It looks like a fluffy cute cloud. But unfortunately this item isn’t possible to buy yet. Its developers plan to produce it only in 2016, when the researches about the magnetic field influence upon the health will end.

Flying globe

Today’s the most popular levitating device is table flying globe. It is an unusual office accessory, which uses magnetic field for its fly and rotation.

Appearing of such unusual device is easy to explain. Our planet flies in space too without any support.

Void LP Player for playback the records

This device combines the technology of the past and future at the same time. Of course, it is a player of out-of-date vinyl records, but it uses the principle of magnetic levitation in its work.

Records in Void LP Player don’t turn on the physical base; they fly in the air, like a needle with a pickup which is in red small sphere.

Maglev – a levitating train

There is no levitating cars or motorbikes, which are so much usual in fantastic films. But there are flying trains on magnetic pillows in different part of world. 

Maglev doesn’t touch rails during move. It levitates over them. This technology costs a lot of money, but it lets to gain huge speeds, which are impossible in ordinary railway movement.

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