Apps-Smart-EngineersLiving in a digital era has tremendous benefits. The tasks which once sounded too hectic are now being done via the finger tips of people. More or less, the world has come in the hands of people, thus making their life extremely easy. Whether it is communication channels, transportation or lengthy calculations, the modern technology has solved all problems of common people.

If we talk about the life of engineers, then no doubt that they got the most hectic and busy life. Then again, technology has transformed their hectic life into a cool breeze as well. The new evolution of Smart applications is the most relevant example here.

Following mentioned are the list of apps that can really turn a life of an engineer into Heaven!


This app is certainly the entire world for engineers. Having huge database and guidebooks related to the all sorts of nuts and bolts of engineering, the app provides information to all sorts of tools and gadgets used by every Engineer. No doubt iEngineer app has turned the life of many engineers and has played an important role in increasing their efficiency to optimal level.

HVAC Professional:

This app is another milestone in the field of engineering. HVAC Professional provides 200 formulas of the HVAC Professional and includes another 18 charts that provides details regarding all fields of engineering. This app is a multi-tasker and it comes with a huge collection of features like air-change detection, airside, boilers, BTU conversions, ductwork, energy values, heating design, heating requirements, humidity, loads, pumps, steam, temperature, waterside systems, and area calculations.

LuxCalc Fluid Prop:

This app costs around $0.99 and is used to detect the physical and chemical properties of fluilds, and it can also analyze thermo-physical properties of materials containing accuracy of 5%. This app is also used to calculate temperature and can detect the heat (both absolute and dynamic) transfer rate among materials. Briefly, LuxCalc Fluid Prop is one of the leading apps used by all engineers and is actually for the new potential engineering students as it contains all databases, charts and analysis of heating properties of materials.

AutoCAD 360 (WS):

This app is extremely useful for Graphic Engineers who are busy 24/7 sketching, designing, editing and sharing. The best part about this app is that it is absolutely free and can provide engineers the facility to view, edit and upload DWG format sketches. Also, the app is capable of managing different other formats including DWG, DWF and DSXF files. The app is extremely user friendly and you can use it anywhere from any device. It contains its own drop box in which you can save your documents. You can also attach your drawings in your emails.

Engineering Unit Conversion:

This app, as the name suggests, can convert thousands of unit into other formats. It is specifically designed for students and professional engineers to solve complex problems. The usage of negative signs and different commonly used units were a tough task for engineers to handle. However, this app has made things easier for you by giving you the ability to convert any sorts of units via a few taps of your finger.

Finger CAD:

This app has the ability to let engineers draw anything they want. Though it costs around $5.99, it has become an important part of the lives of Graphic Engineers who now can draw anything from anywhere they want.

The invention of these apps has really relieved Engineers from doing lengthy calculations, designing complex diagrams and from reviewing thick guidebooks. Now, an engineer can consult anything anywhere and anytime. This Era is an era of smart generation. Therefore, turn your creative minds on and use the new technology to make things in your life easier!

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