Clean-up-planetNowadays there are a lot of organized campaigns, devoted to cleaning and saving the nature which take place in different parts of the world, united by one, common cause that is to maintain a clean and pleasant environment around us. Despite all the debates around the importance of cleaning and recycling there are still few days, recognized as official days for organizing these campaigns.

The majority of people is little concerned about the importance of providing suitable cleaning out of the borders of their homes. Even if certain organizations aim at stressing that one clean up day is indisputably not enough there appear to be only partial results  in this sphere. Each country organizes their own clean up day in the form of several programmes, planned for the whole day, however the question of the effectiveness of this one-day-campaign still remains doubtful.

The problem with one clean up days is that they take part only once per year. Of course the nature cannot be cleaned from all the garbage in an appropriate way for such a short time. People can try to provide cleaning procedures around their homes, by organizing several groups but despite the temporary initiative and motivation it goes without saying that one day is not enough to ensure a thorough and extensive cleaning.

There are another 364 days of the year which are long enough to allow us to take care of the garbage and litter and to throw it away in the right places. Even if we are not passionate environmentalists and do not take part in clubs which are oriented towards saving the nature we can make a contribution not only one day per year but we can also respect the nature throughout the whole year.

If we do not take care of it constantly, we surely cannot compensate in a single day. No matter of the efforts and of the motivation that we have, it is practically impossible to manage with cleaning and recycling in a perfect way. What we really do in this day is to pick up a certain area and try to clean it properly with the disposable materials, usually taken from home. Without hesitation it could be said that one day is not enough to clean all the damage that people are causing constantly to nature. If more than one day is scheduled that will slightly change the situation, however what has to be changed is the people's attitude towards cleaning. If more initiatives and petitions are organized, then these cleaning activities may become more popular and not shared only by more devoted  environmentalists.

There is no need to promote ''Clean up the planet'' or Clean up the country'' for one day, it is more than enough to clean around you every day of the year and to respect the nature around you. Only then will we become a population which really considers preserving the nature as essential part of our lives.

Author bio: July Minor knows a lot about cleaning, hygiene and healthy living. She works a part time job at Tidy home deep clean and has a lot of knowledge about eco living.