Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and, unless you’re one of those irritatingly well-organised people, the majority of us will be rushing around trying to find the perfect last minute present. With the sheer number of gadgets available today, they can be a very tempting gift idea – but some are certainly better than others. Here are 6 gadgets you need to steer clear of this Mother’s Day:

Foot-Spa1. Foot Spa

What could possibly be more relaxing than giving her feet a nice, relaxing soak in her very own foot spa? Not having to fill it with water, not having to keep her feet uncomfortably still in fear of spilling water over her floor, not having to empty it when she’s done, not having to clean it, and not having to pretend to the person who gave it to her that she likes it – these are just a few things that are all more relaxing than actually using a foot spa.

Bread-Maker2. Bread Maker

There’s bound to be a small army of bread maker evangelists insistent that these kitchen gadgets are the best thing since, well, sliced bread, but anybody given one out of the blue will inevitably wonder what they did that was so bad to warrant being given such a useless gift. Yes, we’re all aware that almost all shop bought bread is awful, but that doesn’t mean your mother suddenly has the time or inclination to start making her own.

Ice-Cream-Maker3. Ice Cream Maker

While choosing to buy a bread-maker is almost understandable if your mother has an unquenchable desire for decent bread, there really is no excuse for owning an ice cream maker. These days, supermarkets are stocked with a wide variety of brands and flavours with many high quality products to choose from, from organic to low fat and fair trade. If you want to serve something offbeat like green-tea or bacon flavoured ice cream you’re probably just a little bit pretentious. Do you really want to lump that accusation at someone you care about so much by presenting them with their very own ice cream maker?

Soda-Stream4. Soda Stream

From the understandable (bread-makers) to the pretentious (ice-cream makers) we now arrive at the ridiculous – the soda stream. The official website suggests that you might want to use a Soda Stream so you don’t run out of your favourite soft drink, which is funny, because Soda Stream is nobody’s favourite soft drink. The site also refers to the drinks you’ll make as ‘gourmet soda’, which should be reason enough to steer well clear.

Digital-Photo-Frame5. Digital Photo Frame

Stop right there. Yes, fine, you were going to pre-load it with lots of fantastic photos because you’ve put so much thought into this gift - that’s really admirable and, you know what,  your mother will probably genuinely like it – but not for long. These things are power hungry not to mention extremely distracting. Of course, you can always make the digital frame just show one image rather than a slideshow, but then you might as well have bought a cheaper, more aesthetically pleasing, traditional photo frame.

Any-form-massage-gadget6. Any form of massage gadget

You don’t need telling that life is stressful, so it makes sense that you’d want to give a gift that could alleviate her stress (see foot spa). Rather than wrapping up some cheaply made gadget that will end up at the back of a cupboard a week later, why not give a gift voucher for a real massage or spa day? If, however, you plan on buying an electric head massager like the one pictured as some kind of futuristic helmet that can be used for Halloween and fancy dress parties for years to come, please do go ahead.

Think twice

They say it’s the thought that counts, so think twice before buying something that won’t be wanted, it’s better for your wallet, the environment and your relationship with your mother.

Author Bio: Written by Ben Skinner of online competition site – For a chance to win iPhones, iPads and other gadgets visit MyOffers.