Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4The Samsung is undoubtedly ruling the android smartphone world with some its magnificent devices. The flagship Galaxy S and Note series have a huge fan following and user base across the globe.

The latest launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 at MWC, Barcelona is still soaring in the mobile world because of it some extra smart features and first time introduced water resisting body. Though, except the features, there was nothing extraordinary to count for this phone from my POV.

Now, as the Samsung is looking forward to capture the most of market with the release of Galaxy S5 in April, the company is also planning to launch another flagship model from Note series which is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.The release date of note 4 is around September this year.

The Galaxy Note 4’s news already has started to hit the air of rumors which are claiming this phone will take away the customers with its style, looks, technology and features.

The Note 4 is without any concern is the most anticipated phone of the 2014. The Note 4 will fall under the phablet category like of its predecessors but, with more things to talk about.

The Samsung has reportedly filed a plea for a patent feature for Note 4 which will allow the locked phone screen to decipher the things you’ve wrote and function according to that.

For an example, if you’ll write ‘Open Gallery’ on your locked phone screen, then the phone screen will get unlocked and the gallery will get opened automatically. Now, I’m sure that this feature will leave many of the users flabbergasted for sure. What’d you say?

Another thing which Samsung might come up with the Note 4 is continuing the legacy of providing ‘water resistant’ body which they’ve started with the Galaxy S5. Besides, the Samsung has also said that, they’ll be providing the latest ‘AMOLED’ QHD screen with the highest resolution power of 3500x2500 pixels.

If the above rumors come true, then I’m sure that Note 4 will set a milestone for the likes of Apple, HTC, Sony and Nokia to retain their place in the market.

Something which I would like Note 4 to feature is a better look as all the Samsung phones look like same which is frankly quite annoying to me. This is because if I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to buy a phone then it should unique from every other phone and Samsung were not in this way ever.

The camera, battery, processors and upgrades are something which is needless to say that they should be top class and I assume that Samsung won’t disappoint me over these basic requirements.

Final Words

We all aware with the fact that Samsung does produce some of the quality android smartphones and is able to hold a big share of the market because of its variety and uniqueness in features, but, the every rising expectations of the users can’t be ignored while the other companies are just looking for a loose screw and making you fall miserably.

The whole is looking very eagerly to what Samsung offers to its users with the new Note phone and I guess the countdown has begun so just wait and watch till the phone hits the real deck.