Flash-Storage-Product-OverviewFlash was a big trend in 2013 with many startups launching their own version of flash storage. The drive behind the growth of flash has largely been the fact that hard disks don’t have the performance to meet the needs of certain business applications, and with the price of flash decreasing, it offers a high performance alternative to HDD. Enterprises looking for a flash solution have a wide selection of vendors and products to choose from. Here is an overview of some of the options available.

1. Violin Memory

Violin recently released a new model of its memory array, the 6264. The new array doubles the density and performance of previous models as well as triples the economics by hitting 750K IOPs. This new performance capability was achieved by partnering with Toshiba and using Toshiba's NAND flash chips along with Violin’s array technology.

2. SolidFire

SolidFire specializes in providing all-flash storage systems for large scale cloud providers. The company’s solution provides Quality of Service controls at the volume-level, which allows cloud providers to guarantee application performance. SolidFire also uses in-line data reduction techniques along with automation to reduce the cost of the storage system.

3. EMC XtremIO

EMC’s xtremIO is arrayed in 10 TB X-Bricks. The system provides more than 250 TB of capacity in a single cluster and can provide up to 1 million random IOPS. EMC combines Intel-based processing with additional software features that optimize the array such as content-based data placement. EMC products use an algorithm to identify and manage SSD failures and a dual-stage metadata engine to handle garbage collection.

4. Fusion-io

Fusion-io has several flash products including Shared Acceleration-external flash storage solutions, Direct Acceleration- flash acceleration, and Virtualization and Caching Acceleration-virtualizes flash and cache data. Fusion-io offers a suite of shared storage tools. One tool, the Fusion ioControl, offers hybrid storage that combines the high performance of flash with the high capacity of disk.

5. PernixData

PernixData offers a software solution that virtualizes server side flash in order to allow scale-out storage performance independent of capacity. The company claims its software solutions delivers 10x the performance and allows IOPS to increase with demand. It is able to do this by clustering server side flash. Performance can also be architected depending on the requirements of specific applications or VMs.

6. Tintri

Tintri’s VMstore is also designed for the cloud and virtualization. VMstore has exceptional performance being able to service more than 99 percent of all IO with only sub-millisecond latencies. It also provides Quality of Service controls to guarantee performance. Tintri also offers a fast setup and full management with setup completed in less than 10 minutes and snapshots and clones handled at the VM level. VMstore comes in three models: VMStore T620, VMstore T540 and VMstore T650.

7.  Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage offers flash-optimized hybrid storage systems with adaptive performance and scalable capacity. The systems are built on the Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture which features high performance and greater storage efficiency by reducing the storage footprint from 30 to 75 percent along with non-disruptive scaling. The company offers an option for midsize companies and for larger-scale operations.