Tap-Tap-RevengeThere are tens of thousands of free games in Apple's App Store, however most of them are either really bad or are merely "demo" games of a much higher priced paid version. But, don’t be sad as there are certainly some real gems if you are willing to mine for them. There are some of the top free iPhone games to help you know what to download.

1. Pack Goat Jump: Jetpack Run vs Wolf, Cougar, and Troll

If you want to enjoy goat jumping, then Pack Goat Jump is for you! Goats are natural jumpers and are used as pack animals in many backcountry adventures.

The gamer must run and jump on platforms to avoid the enemies, the wolf, the cougar, and the troll. You can avoid them, but it might be even be more fun to shoot them. Practice and run as far as you can. Compare your distance run against your friends (or enemies) in Game Center.

2. Tap Tap Revenge II

If you have ever watched someone play Guitar Hero, then you know the basic concept of this game. You must “tap” on the screen to the beat of your favorite music. You can get a high score by tapping many notes in a row without missing any.

2. Sol Free Solitaire

This an easy solitaire game like you might find on your Windows PC. But, Sol Free Solitaire stands head and shoulders above the rest of the game apps. The visual layouts are remarkable and crisp and the cards are very responsive to the touch of your finger as you drag them from pile to pile.

3. Real Racing GTi

Real Racing GTi is one of the best arcade games in the Apple store. The video graphics are excellent and realistic and the smooth controls lets you feel like you are in a real racing competition. Real Racing GTi has three game modes: quick race, time trial, and cup championship.

4. Chess with Friends / Words with Friends

Chess with Friends / Words with Friends are developed by New Toy. What makes this game stellar is that they can be played over any length of time. Chess with Friends is a chess game and the Words with Friends is a type of Scrabble game. After you make your move, you can turn the game off and continue doing your daily business. When your friends have made their move, hours or days later you can again open the game and make your next move. It has good game play; clean graphics and their essential social nature have made these games renowned and a favorite one.

5. TapDefense

TapDefense is awell-known game in the “Tower Defense” game category. A horde of opponents come out of an entrance and head in a line toward an exit which you must protect by building a series of towers to guard the exit. Though, there are a mass of game apps like this in the App Store, TapDefense is a peerless because it is not only very good but is also free to download.