Best-Tech-Companies-Work-ForAs 2013 came to a close, like every other year even for this year lists of top companies to work for started flooding in. Unsurprisingly this year as well mostly tech companies topped the lists.

  • Twitter, one of the best known social media giants of today, it is going ahead of time. When it made its first public debut, the very day it closed at 73% above its IPO price. It is also known for offering great salaries and is an encourager of innovations.
  • LinkedIn: Evaluation here is entirely done on performance and not politics, with very fair hours of working. The perks are endless from three course gourmet meals to shuttles all over the bay area. It retains a startup feel even after 11 years of its launch. Every month LinkedIn gives its employees a day to break away from daily mundane routine and inspire others.
  • Facebook: Not just user’s even employees love Facebook. Anticipating the creation of a feature that will change lives around the globe is something all the workers take advantage of. Some of the smartest people in the world work here. Perks like free meals, haircuts to release stress, laundry services onsite are only the icing on this giant cake.
  • Google: Google makes it to all of these lists for being the most caring company, which puts employees above its profit. No wonder everybody wants a job in here. They provide sports, gym, free food, free laundry, and many such perks along with a good salary here. Not to mention you get to work with some bright, hard working most diligent minds. When a Google employee dies on the job, their domestic partner or spouse gets half of his or her salary for the entire next decade. Every Google employee owns stock in the company.
  • Interactive Intelligence: This telecommunication company has landed a spot in both Forbes and Glassdoors best companies to work for 2014 list. Why? Well it scored well in leadership, flexibility and work life balance. It cares about its employees and is very active at it.
  • Intel: Company funded jets fly employees in style for work all around. Two months of paid leaves are provided every 7 years by this company and flexibility of working from home is only another of its added bonuses. Employees are given international assignments with opportunities to switch roles and divisions.
  • SAS: A provision of great healthcare facilities are made for each and every employee and they are open for the family members of the employees as well. It has around 90 medical staff only for the employees.
  • Qualcomm: Other than opportunity to work on different projects, QUALCOMM rewards good work well. There is access to learning and development opportunities when you work for this company. Employees who file a new patent get a $1500 check and this way it encourages innovation.
  • Intuit: This software firm gives employees fitness incentives of $650 which covers cost of gym membership, swimming lessons, basketball, Pilates etc.  Work well done is appreciated in this company with perks of great salary and bonus. Also new hires get a month to get used to the company with no detailed assignments.
  • Cisco: While employees train in the high end health centre, there are two onsite centers to drop off kids at.
  • Adobe Systems: Other than offering 11 paid holidays, they provide $10000 tuition reimbursement. Did I mention the sabbatical leaves, and 48 hours of annual training both salaried and hourly employees.
  • Microsoft: This software giant here takes care of 100% of the health insurance premiums for employees and all their dependants.  Fully paid for leaves, gym membership fees, and flexible work schedules are some of this firms other perks.

So it’s time to update your resume and start clicking the send button.

Jenny Corteza blogs about everything tech. Her infographic post on How to make a website became quite popular with people trying to hone their skills online using some resource that helped them step by step.